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May 15 2020 | By More

Horror Fest’s Poe perf gets limited stream

Tegan Gourlay’s performance of Edgar Allan Poe’s gothic masterpiece, The Tell-Tale Heart, is to get a limited streaming on YouTube for 48 hours from Friday 15 may 2020 at 8pm.

The twenty-minute performance was directed by Ash Pryce at the Edinburgh Horror Festival 2019 and was committed to video shortly afterwards, filmed in the notoriously dank South Bridge Vaults.

Poe’s short story was first published in 1843. An unidentified narrator is attempting to convince a never-seen listener of their sanity. To do so, the narrator tells of their murder of an old man with a filmy “vulture-eye”.

The narrator believes that the careful and calculated manner in which they attempted to commit the perfect crime – the murder of the old man, the dismemberment of the body and the hiding of it under the floorboards – is an illustration of their sanity.

“It is very clear the character is mad – he’s no right in the head,” says Gourlay “The only reason that he is murdering him is that he hates his eye. It is only one particular eye that he hates, it is not both of them, and he just needs to be rid of it.”


The story’s delight in its details of the murder is macabre, but is far from being the element that led it to become regarded as a masterpiece of suspense. The narrator’s hypersensitivity causes them to continue to hear the old man’s heart beating, long after his death, leading to a properly haunting ending…

The video, by Noisy Ghost Entertainment, will stream on their YouTube page on Friday 15 May 2020 at 8pm and remain online until Sunday 17 May at 8.30pm. After that, it will only be available on the company’s Patreon page.

The Tell-Tale Heart
Streams on YouTube here.
From 8pm, Friday 15 –
 8.30pm, Sunday 17 May 2020.
See YouTube page for details.

Noisy Ghost Entertainment:
Twitter: @noisyghostent
Facebook: @noisyghostents.
Instagram: @noisyghostent.


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