The Addams Family – A New Musical

Aug 9 2022 | By More

★★★★☆     Fantastically fun

Rose Theatre (Venue 76): 5 – 24 August 2022
Review by Yvonne Paterson

Captivate Theatre presents The Addams Family – A New Musical at the Rose theatre in Rose Street for a slightly curtailed run up to Wednesday 24.

The young cast tackle this musical with gusto. The performance opens with the actors in the position of a family portrait as they celebrate What it is to be an Addams.

A scene from Captivate Theatre’s production of The Addams Family. Pic Sally Lyall

The simple yet effective set of movable flats and crates serves well and reveals the ensemble cast dressed in white as the dearly departed predecessors of the Addams family.

The annual celebration would normally see the ancestors returning to their crypt – but not tonight. Uncle Festor played by Max Middleton refuses to let them return to their slumber until they help with an urgent family matter – Wednesday is in love. Middleton brings a playful, fun energy to the role, embracing the kookiness of the character and making him a splendour to watch.

Wednesday’s declaration throws the family into chaos as they prepare to host her love interest Lucas and his parents for dinner.

brilliant comic timing

Aiden Cross gives a strong performance as the debonair Gomez and has brilliant comic timing as he wrestles with the conundrum of keeping Wednesday’s marriage plans secret from his beloved wife Morticia. Jess Nolan delivers a tantalizing performance in this role, a woman who believes that a secret to a good marriage is no secrets at all.

Sophie Gee makes a wonderful Wednesday and her performance of Pulled is most certainly the performance of the afternoon. She tackles the complex number with ease.

A scene from Captivate Theatre’s production of The Addams Family. Pic Sally Lyall

Unhappy with the prospect of his sister growing up and not having her around to torture him, Pugsly (a suitable disgruntled Lawrie Banks) conjures a plan to make his sister unappealing to Lucas, stealing a potion from his slightly deranged Grandma. Kathryn Brown does a great job capturing the nutty side of the elderly family member and her one liners add to the comical scenes that unfold.

The arrival of the un-spontaneous Lucas played by the charming Luke Davidson and his uptight father Malcom played by Robbie Small, and his quirky poetic mother Alice played by Roza Stephenson is an awkward meet for the families.

Small is excellent in the role as the stuffy, overworked father and Stephenson captures the bubbly, quirky side of Alice offering a good contrast to the opposing Addams family.

As the families make an effort to get to know each other they play a game. Full Disclosure is extremely funny as each family member drinks from the cup and confessing something. It is during this number Pugsly seizes his moment and slips the stolen elixir intended for Wednesday into the cup that is accidentally consumed by Alice. Stevenson confidently belts out the number Waiting confessing how miserable she is in her marriage.

With so many admissions being revealed the families are in an uproar. The cast capture the comical and sometimes tender moments that follow fantastically well, as they attempt to resolve their family issues and salvage their relationships.

With its strong cast, Captivate’s production of The Addams Family is a delight, which has true family values at its core.

Running time: Two hours (including one interval)
Rose Theatre (Main Stage), 204 Rose Street, EH2 4AZ (Venue 76)
Friday 5 – Sat 24 August 2022
Daily (not Suns): 13:00
Tickets and details: Book here.

A scene from Captivate Theatre’s production of The Addams Family. Pic Sally Lyall


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