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Aug 13 2022 | By More

★★★★☆     Powerful

Gilded Balloon Patter House (Venue 24): Sat 6 – Sat 13 August 2022
Review by Suzanne O’Brien

In a world where misogyny and sexual violence is normalised, F-Bomb Theatre’s powerful new show The Beatles Were a Boyband asks why?

Playing at the Gilded Balloon Patter House on Chambers Street for Week One of the fringe only, it accurately highlights the harsh realities that women face and the lengths they are forced to go to in order to keep themselves safe. It is a story of real women, real stories and very real emotions.

Poster Image for The Beatles Were A Boy Band. PicRachel Duncan

This unapologetically feminine response to misogyny written by Rachel O’Regan centres around three girls whose lives, once filled with parties, wine and love island, are disrupted when a young woman is murdered. Despite the details of the incident being left untold, the realities of what they, as women, have to deal with both individually and collectively is confronted.

Linzi Devers gives a passionate performance as mildly irritating social media influencer turned activist, Daisy. She is the driver of the piece as she campaigns for equality. Along the way she loses 80% of her male social following and all her sponsors while gaining a wealth of hate. Illustrating the depth of the difficulties faced by those who call out men for their behaviour.

internal struggles

Whilst Daisy’s three step plan for change is underway, we watch the more internal struggles of her two flatmates. Heather (Kirsten Hutchinson) is forced to open up old wounds and Violet (Sally Cairns) becomes increasingly afraid of the outside world.

Each character is played with authenticity, sincerity and integrity. What is clear, from start to end, is that the actors are opening their hearts and leaving them on the stage.

Aimee Shields’ considered direction allows equal focus on the three girls’ individual experiences, which all have the same essence at their core.

The cast of The Beatles Were a Boy Band

The piece is certainly not just limited to the experiences of the three women. Throughout, various audio recordings are played which allow other stories to be told, cleverly highlighting the large extent of male violence all over the world and working to emphasize that this is certainly not unique to our society or time.

O’Regan’s writing avoids being preachy and doesn’t dictate how females should and should not act. In fact, to show the complexities of the issue the girls themselves argue about: what they should do in light of the recent news and their own experiences.

In doing so it highlights how different people have different ways of confronting and dealing with issues, whether that be shouting loudly and proudly for women’s rights, signing a petition, or opening up to someone about a personal experience.

all too familiar

The piece broaches the subjects of misogyny and violence against women head on; saying it exactly how it is and refusing to use a filter.

Regardless of whether or not you have seen it, experienced it or had someone around you who has, it simply doesn’t matter. All the behaviour that is talked about is all too familiar and this piece encourages its audience to question why women are forced to be brave when all they want to be is safe.

Delving into such topics has its risks, yet each person involved in the production understands the gravitas and, in both the show and in programme, they make sure to highlight the different support that is available for those who are affected by the performance.

Whether it relights a fire in your belly or enlightens you about something you did not expect, this is definitely a show that will leave you with lots to think about.

Running time: One hour (no interval)
Gilded Balloon Patter House (Big Yin), 3 Chambers St, EH1 1HT (Venue 24)
Saturday 6 – Saturday 13 August 2022
Evenings: 20:00
Tickets and details: Book here.

F-Bomb Theatre website:
Facebook: @fbombtheatre
Instagram: @fbombtheatre
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