The Best Ideas Happen in the Toilet

Aug 18 2022 | By More

★★☆☆☆      Vacant

theSpace Triplex (Venue 38): Sun 14 – Thurs 18 Aug 2022
Review by Suzanne O’Brien

Inviting you into the toilet, actor-writer Cláudia Saavedra’s debut comedy play, The Best Ideas Happen in the Toilet, is on a short run at theSpace Triplex.

Sadly, the play lacks innovation with much of its comedy, although it is relatable it just doesn’t feel terribly new. Despite this, it is still entertaining and mildly humorous with a minimal set that is well incorporated into the piece.

Cláudia Saavedra. Pic Cláudia Saavedra

Directed by Emily Ingram the one woman show follows Frankie who is dealing with the constant questions, expectations and pressures that come with being a young adult, all whilst aptly wearing a t-shirt that says, ‘I can’t adult today’.

Saavedra is a charming performer who holds her own and manages to engage the audience from the start despite a great deal of noise coming from the street outside. She does well in making the audience feel like her close friends by being open and frank whilst also creating a sense of intimacy.

As Frankie details her time in London with failed auditions and bizarre relationships, she imitates the other characters that she has interactions with. However, Saavedra’s characterisations are weak and often too similar, which makes it hard to decipher who she is imitating.


This weakness is referred to in the monologue, but it comes across as an excuse which would be more successful if the characterisations had actually been worked on, developed and made distinct from each other.

It would have also made the stories more well rounded and relatable. The constant referencing to the show being a play becomes excessive and takes away from the stories actually being told.

The tone of the monologue is similar throughout which causes it to fall flat at points. The highlights come when Frankie recounts a memory like a movie scene and ironically makes fun of the little amount of self-control she has. The romantic comedy music and bright pink lighting helps to enhance these dream-like sequences.

Unfortunately, the voiceover which is used throughout is unsuccessful. Its strange voices are often unclear and it is also far too loud for such a small venue. It has potential though and its incorporation does help to bring a unique aspect to the piece.

The piece does hold some promise. However, technical changes need to be made and the script would benefit from more innovative elements.

Running time: 50 minutes (No interval)
theSpaceTriplex (Studio) The Prince Phillip Building, EH8 9DP (Venue 38)
Sunday 14 – Thursday 18 August 2022
Daily: 18:15
Tickets and details: Book here.


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