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Oct 10 2016 | By More

Kirkcaldy-based company seeks Divine Comedians

Kirkcaldy-based writer Bee Parkinson has put out a casting call for her play The Divine Comedy Show, which is to be staged in March 2017 at Kirkcaldy’s Adam Smith Theatre.

Parkinson will be casting the six roles in this amateur production in Kirkcaldy on Saturday 22 October. She has raised £700 through Kickstarter towards the costs of staging the production.

divinecomedyshowParkinson, who is also directing, told Æ: “I originally wrote the story in the format of a novel 11 years ago but sadly lost the material both in hard copy and electronically. The story stayed with me though and after a few changes in my life, I decided that I was going to bring the story back to life again in the form of a play.”

The play focuses on His Imperial Majesty, the current ruler in Hell, who has chosen to take an innocent, living soul from earth as his bride. God has forbidden this marriage from taking place but since when has that ever stopped Satan…

Auditions will take place from 12 noon to 3pm at the Duchess of Kirkcaldy, Nicol Street, Kirkcaldy. Anyone wishing to audition should contact Parkinson through the production’s Facebook page, indicating which roles they wish to audition for (desciptions below).


Audition for The Divine Comedy Show
The Duchess of Kirkcaldy, Nicol Street, Kirkcaldy, Fife, KY1 1RP.
Saturday 22 October 2016, 12 noon-3pm.
To book an audition spot message the page on Facebook:  thedivinecomedyshow

Role Breakdowns:

HIM is the current ruler in Hell, the latest in the line of the Damned. His name is Lucian and he is a very smart, wily, confident and charismatic individual. He knows exactly what he wants and he will get it no matter what. We need someone who is confident but not arrogant, sharp witted with a dry sense of humour but not offensive. We aren’t looking for cruelty or sadism, more like the southern gentleman than anything else. We are looking for an actor between ages of 22-30 or thereabouts.

The current Reaper is Bo Death. Bo is still living with his mother and is related to Lucian by blood. Not only are they cousins but they are best friends. Bo is very much the voice of reason and has Lucian’s best interests at heart. Family means a lot to him. Bo is also smart but in a different sense from Lucian, and his intentions are purer. Bo is a very astute individual, knowing exactly what to say and when to say it. We are looking for an actor aged anywhere between 18-30.

God is the ruler of all. He has a sense of humour and he is very much the tolerant but firm Father, when he needs to be. God is willing to listen to reason on certain occasions but when he puts his foot down, he puts his foot down. There is tension between God and Lucian but God still treats him like he would treat any wayward child. He views Lucian as being different from the other Devil’s that have come before, although he would never willingly admit that. God is very much the father figure. We are looking for an actor over the age of 30.

Jonathan is the Head of the psychiatric hospital that he own’s. His love interest is Sephy. Jonathan made a deal with HIM years ago and was ready to pay the price for the deal when the time came but did not realise exactly what the price would be. Whilst a minor role, Jonathan’s presence is felt throughout the play. He is a man frustrated and guilt ridden by the fact that his actions led to Sephy’s predicament. The person playing Jonathan would also additionally be cast as a minion. We are looking for an actor in their late twenties or older.

Sephy is a mental health nurse in the psychiatric hospital that Jonathan owns. She has fallen in love with Jonathan but was taken by Lucian to be his bride. Sephy is a strong willed and determined woman who believes that what she is doing is correct. She is a very caring individual too and is well suited to her line of work. She will not be easily manipulated by anyone and is ultimately willing to sacrifice herself in order to ensure the safety of the man she loves. We are looking for a young actress in their twenties.

The Woman appears almost as a guiding light to provide advice. She is working for a power that is not revealed until the end of the play but she is personally invested in the marriage of Sephy and Lucian. She can be quite kindly but also has a harshness that can be easily awakened. We are looking for a figure of motherly guidance. We are looking for someone over the age of 30 for this role.



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