The Last of the Dragons – Junior Review

Aug 13 2015 | By More

✭✭✭✭✩    Very funny

Junior review by Cora Dibdin

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33), Sat 8 – Mon 31 Aug 2015

The Last of the Dragons is set in a kingdom where there’s a tradition that on a princess’s 16th birthday she gets married, but first she has to get tied to a rock and then a dragon comes and takes her away but a prince comes and saves her by killing the dragon. (You don’t see the dragons being killed.)

The Last Dragon (Martin Murphy) Photo: Mihaela Bodlovic

The Last Dragon (Martin Murphy) Photo: Mihaela Bodlovic

The princess in the show is going to have her 16th birthday next week and her dad, the king, has found her a perfect prince to save her. But he can’t slay dragons. The princess is better at fencing than any man in the kingdom and she wants to save herself. I would be like her if I was a princess.

When they were having a chase they did it in a funny way. It was slow and quick.

It was funny because, when the dragon came in, they all jumped on top of each other because they were scared.

I liked the scene in the cave. I could imagine the stalagmites and the stalactites. If they had had more room they could have made it more realistic. I couldn’t see the mountains or the castle. I could see the doorway to the castle and the flowers. I could see the green steps and the horses.

I liked all the characters like the princess, the nurse, the valet and the prince but my favourite was the dragon.

I really liked this play. It wasn’t scary. It was funny and exciting.

Running time 1 hour
Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33), 60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ
Saturday 8 – Monday 31 August 2015
Daily (not Sun 16): 12 noon.
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