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Jul 8 2010 | By More

Police called to murder scene – Women of Troy implicated

By Thom Dibdin

The reality of using found spaces for theatre productions came home to Edinburgh’s Random ACT theatre company last night during their preview of The Women of Troy at the Metropolitan Bar on Picardy Place.

Members of the public walking past the bar on Wednesday night were so concerned by the noises eminating from the bar  that they called the police and no amount of protestations from cast or director could calm them down.

Random ACT director John Naples-Campbell said: “we had ran it without any problems at all and then tonight three people, who heard shouting from the bar, called the police, banged on the fire door shouting ‘we’ve called the police’.”

Having succeeded in opening the firedoor, the worst fears of the trio were confirmed when they were confronted with the sight of one the actors being punched. Another actor, oblivious to the concern of the citizenry – and themselves concerned that the performance was being deliberately disturbed by interlopers, pulled the door shut.

Whereapon cries of “Murder! Murder!” went up in the street.

“I run out to calm them down,” says John Naples-Campbell, “to be told that I was recreating a scene from the horror film Hostel. Police came with sirens blazing, ran to see me trying to calm passers by down who actually didn’t see anything at all. The police then saw the actors, laughed and went home knowing no one was murdered!”

A classic night up Picardy Place way, it would seem.

But it does suffice to remind that Random Act’s The Women of Troy, Written and Directed by John Naples-Campbell, is at The Metropolitan Basement Bar, Picardy Place, Edinburgh. The production runs from tonight, July 8, to Saturday July 10, with two performances nightly at 7.30pm and 9pm. Tickets are £5 either through the company’s Facebook group, through cast, on door or call 07906 374647.

Cast Includes: Conor Mainwaring, Alasdair Brown, Jane Paul, Fran Kilgour, Ross McNab, Mairi Beever and Lisa Watson


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  1. Susan Wales says:

    What a stooshie!

    I’m hoping to go Saturday.