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Aug 11 2019 | By More

★★★★☆   Very clever

Young Critics Scheme review
Scottish Storytelling Centre (Venue 30): Sun 4– Sun 11 Aug 2019
Review by Suzanne O’Brien

Written and performed by Jenny Lindsay and directed by Jen McGregor, This Script at the Scottish Storytelling Centre is utterly engaging and thought provoking.

Lindsay uses spoken word poetry performance to address difficult subjects and key questions in feminism, sexual politics and the #MeToo movement.

Jenny Lindsay. Pic Ryan McGoverne

This Script discusses gender, female expectations, pressures, sex – topics which society still often shies away from to prevent confrontation and heated arguments.

Lindsay breaks the forth wall and speaks directly to the audience. She includes her own personal opinions, views, experiences and things she’s witnessed throughout her life.

She delves into the topic of #MeToo; what it actually means and the personally difficulties she has had with it. She also discusses the pressure on women to have children and they way they are judged, no matter what decisions they make.

Lindsay’s performance is both empowering and deeply emotional. The passion she has for what she is saying really shines through.

Lindsay’s ability to embrace each subject and be completely honest and open about how it makes her feel is particularly clever. She uses an approach that is neither pushy, patronising nor dictating – but is just candid and relatable without shying away from her truth.

relaxed feel

Poems and stories take you from one topic into the next with wit and charm in her cleverly written script. Lindsay’s love – or perhaps obsession for – vowels is present as she bases whole sections of the piece on particular vowels.

The truth in this piece is what makes it relatable. Lindsay often reads from a notebook, giving the piece a relaxed feel. It also gives it a personal touch as if she’s reading from her diary, sharing her views and opening the conversation up to explore and discuss.

The writing speaks for itself. With a set of just one seat, one table, one stool and a projector at the back of the stage, there are no gimmicks.

This Script is a spoken word theatre performance that deserves a bigger space and a bigger audience. A one woman show which is relevant and perfect for this time.

Running time: One hour and 10 minutes (no interval)
Scottish Storytelling Centre, 43-45 High St, EH1 1SR (Venue 30)
Sunday 4 – Sunday 11 August 2019
Daily at 4.00 pm.
Tickets and details:

Artist website:
Facebook: @jennylindsayspokenword
Instagram: @jennylindsaypoet
Twitter: @msjlindsay

The script of This Script is available to buy:


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