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May 7 2013 | By More

Village Pub Theatre seeks plays in Twittersphere

By Thom Dibdin

Here at the Annals we are fascinated by the ways in which various bodies have tried to make social media work in the theatre.

The most famous example was  Such Tweet Sorrow, the RSC’s attempt to create a twitter version of Romeo and Juliet which was tweeted in real time in 2010. With varying results – but not the general approbation which the Guardian seems to think it received.

This summer the RSC, again, is to attempt a Google+ version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Midsummer Night’s Dreaming.

Great stuff and I’m looking forward to watching the Dream unfold in real time and reporting on the results.

But both events are huge undertakings, with mighty armies of organisational gurus, shed loads of charts and precision equipment.

Not so for Leith’s Village Pub Theatre. This Friday the scratch theatre night is presenting a Twitter Special. No big fanfar, press release, or mega budget for this lot. Just a quick note on the facebook page: “Are you following us on twitter? Head to @pubtheatre and send us your one tweet plays – and then come and see them performed on Friday!”

Which is precisely what is happening. Even as I write this, the one tweet plays are coming in with the hashtag #vpt. Come Friday, they will no doubt be performed down the Village Pub on South Fort Street.

Plays like George Docherty’s (Tweeting as @MrGeostak): “A Tea? B (Silence) A Let me get you something. Please. B (Silence) A I never meant to hurt you. B You did. (Pause) And you did.”

Or Linda McLean (@ElleMcElle)’s:
“See him?
Him who?
Him there
Him where?
That’s Jim
Jim who?
Slim Jim
Used to be very trim.
Caught my eye

One tweet. One play. Want to see more? Get over to @pubtheatre or get onto that hashtag: #vpt You might even find a little bit of politics, as Paul Hughes ‏(@paul_paschal) tweets: “@pubTheatre #vpt Actor: Hi there. Em. Sorry about this. We have to be brief. We’ve just got the latest round of cuts. Sorry.”

See you on twitter. Or down the pub.

Village Pub Theatre Twitter Special with plays by Clare Duffy, Sophie Good, Morna Pearson, James Ley and the twitterati.

Friday 10 May. The Village Pub, South Fort Street, EH6 4DN. 7.30 for 8pm start. £3.



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