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Apr 10 2018 | By More

Youth reviews from Crazy for You

When Crazy for You was in town last week, the Edinburgh Playhouse organised a competition to see the show and write a review, the best of which would be published on All Edinburgh Theatre.

The reviews by the four winners, Christy Anderson, Jamie Duffy, Lucy Swan and Lydia Leneghan are now in, and we have decided to publish them all. And you can let us know which one you think is the best.

Christy, Jamie, Lucy and Lydia at the Playhouse. Pic: Æ.

It was a real pleasure to meet the four at the theatre before the show and to chat with them about reviewing and give them some hints on how to go about it.

First of the reviewers is Christy Anderson who wasn’t phased in the least by the big production values. She gave the production a three stars out of five “timeless by modern” rating, writing: “Terrifically timed tapping toes and the pipes to deliver incredible vocals retell a love story from the Wild West, but what seems to be missing is true character development.”

You can read Christy’s full review here: “★★★☆☆ Timeless yet modern

Jamie Duffy, who has his own mentions in several reviews on the website through his performances in musical theatre productions took to the show with a bit more shine, awarding it a four stars out of five “Crazy for you to miss”, rating. He opened his review: “Crazy For You at the Edinburgh Playhouse is a show that will bring you laughter, joy, get your toes tapping and put a smile on your face!”

Read Jamie’s full review here: “★★★★☆  Crazy for you to miss

There is a punning frame of reference to Lucy Swan’s rating of the show, giving it three stars out of five and saying that it is “A Gersh-winning performance”. Here’s her start: “Carried by a multitalented cast and top-notch comedic timing, the Watermill Theatre’s production of Crazy for You delivers plenty of laughs for the whole family, but lacks emotional intelligence.”

Read the rest of Lucy’s review here: “★★★☆☆ A Gersh-winning performance

Lydia Leneghan was a bit more in favour of the production, giving it a straight rating of four stars out of five with “Exciting energy”. She said: “This charming 1930s musical makes a dazzling return to the stage with an electrifying performance.”

Lydia’s full review can be read here: “★★★★☆ Exciting energy“.

The exciting thing about reading the different reviews is that no matter the style or the opinion of the show, they all share certain elements, notably there is universal praise for Charlotte Wakefield. Yet each review brings a different point of view, seeing the production from a different angle and finding different elements to praise or critique.

Reviewing is not an exact science, but you do need to have an opinion – and be able to stand it up with a certain amount of style!

The question now, is who should be the overall winner. And that decision it is up to you and your opinion. Vote now and we’ll see who the public pick for best review.

 You have until the end of Sunday 15 April to pick your favourite.


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  1. bruce lawson says:

    Well done reviewers. Young talent needs as much media exposure as possible. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sharon brown says:

    Really good reviews by all. It’s take knowledge and experience and strength to go onto depths and be honest. Constructive criticism is a valid and every show needs it to be able to learn and go on to perform to the highest standard.

  3. Karen Lockie says:

    Good review