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Aug 6 2015 | By More

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Junior Review by Cora Dibdin

Duddingston Kirk Manse Gardens (Venue 121): Mon 3 – Sun 16 Aug 2015

Baba Yaga at Duddingston Kirk gardens was magical for everyone.

A young girl called Anya was sent into the forest to get some needle and thread from her stepmother’s sister… BABA YAGA!!

Catriona McFarlane (Anya) and Frank Skelly (Barkovski). Photo: Robert Cassidy

Catriona McFarlane (Anya) and Frank Skelly (Barkovski). Photo: Robert Cassidy

Baba Yaga is a woman who eats children. You can read stories about her in Russian fairytales. She has iron teeth and she flies in a pestle and mortar.

It was different to normal shows because it was outside. We sat down and then the cast came on stage which was grass under a tree. They talked about the story and then we followed Anya and the storyteller through the garden.

In the garden we found Moosiekins which was a mouse. She told Anya about collecting things to help her get to Baba Yaga. We helped Anya find things which was fun.

We also met a guard dog called Barkovski who wasn’t friendly and then Anya gave him a bone and he decided to help. I liked the actor who played Barkovski because he was good at being the guard dog.

And then we met a cat called Meeowshka who was singing a sad song because she had to work for Baba Yaga. It was peaceful listening to her.

It was funny when Baba Yaga told Anya to go into the shed but Anya didn’t because she knew what would happen. Baba Yaga would eat her.

Baba Yaga looked friendly but she wasn’t at all. She didn’t feed the cat or the dog and she ran around screaming!

I liked Baba Yaga because it was well presented. It had good storytelling and the singing was good. It was exciting because we had to help Anya.

Running time 55 mins
Duddingston Kirk Manse Gardens (Venue 121), Old Church Lane, EH15 3PX
Monday 3 – Sunday 16 August, 2015
Daily: 2.30pm
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