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Jan 19 2016 | By More

EUTC’s theatre festival at Bedlam

The Edinburgh University Theatre Company’s theatre festival BedFest runs at its home at the Bedlam this week with six different productions and 14 workshops.

And All Edinburgh Theatre will be on hand with Reading Reviews a workshop session for performers on how to deconstruct that particularly vicious review (soft fruit not included).

Bedfest 2016 LogoThe five day event provides a solid introduction to the work of the EUTC, with a strong focus on the creative element of interpreting a text, rather than the stagecraft of performance.

Productions range from modern adaptation of Shakespeare in Bob to Steven Berkoff’s East and a multi-media production of Marianne Dreams, Moira Buffini’s stage adaptation of Catherine Storr’s children’s book.

Workshops cover many of the technical aspects of staging a play, from Dramaturgy (with Nicola McCartney) and Shadow Puppetry (with Vision Mechanics), to Creative Lighting Design, Site-specific Theatre (with Grid Iron’s Ben Harrison) and Creative Marketing Strategy (with Lauren McLay).

Tickets to all events are available through the Bedlam website:
Facebook page: Bedlam Festival
Instagram @bedlamfestival
Twitter @_BedFest


All events take place at Bedlam Theatre, 11 Bristo Place, EH1 1EZ
Click on the event title to go to its ticketing page

Tuesday 19

Shadow Puppetry
Vision Mechanics lead a workshop on the art of shadow puppetry

Writing in Performance lecturer Nicola McCartney leads a workshop on the oft touted but little understood role of the dramaturge.

Marianne Dreams
Moira Buffini’s stage adaptation of Catherine Storr’s classic tale.

Wednesday 20

Painting Skills in Theatre
Basic practices and techniques, with emphasis on the use of colour, creating dimensionality, and design work.

A Short Introduction to Commedia dell’Arte
This Italian comic style provided the basis for Fawlty Towers, Punch and Judy, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and even the humble Christmas pantomime.

Jam Sandwich
5.30pm (Also Sat 23: 7.15pm)
A fresh and dynamic look at clowining in the form of a kids TV show, stuffed full of shapes, animals, colours and things that go zzzzapp!

“Following box-office hits Othello and Hamlet, from award-winning writer W. Shakespeare comes the tragic downfall of his most hapless hero, Bob.”


Project X
We take your childhood art from under the bed, out of the attic, and onto the Bedlam stage.

Thursday 21

Creative Lighting Design
A combination of demonstration, discussion and hands-on practice, this workshop led by some of the EUTC’s most experienced technicians offers a grounding in the fundamentals of creative lighting design.

Live Music & Modern Theatre
Stopping off at Bedlam ahead of their Traverse performance on Friday 22, one of Scotland’s most innovative emerging theatre companies Blood of the Young share the secrets behind their Golden Arm Project.

Viking Longboat
An hour of improvised comedy from five people who have a varying knowledge of where they are and what they’re doing.

Friday 22

Multi-media in Theatre
A relaxed exploration of the extra dimensions you can bring to a stage, such as projection, film and animation.

Reading Reviews
Æ Editor Thom Dibdin looks at the principles of reviewing, in a workshop which will discuss ways in which theatre-makers can interpret reviews and use them to empower and enlighten their future work.

Shakespeare in Modern Performance
A workshop looking at techniques for helping actors to successfully scan and read Shakespeare in modern performance.

Berkoff’s first play East – Elegy for the East and its Energetic Waste premiered at the Traverse in 1975. It is a personal and affectionate look at the hardships of growing up in the East End of London in the 50s and 60s.

Saturday 23

Site-specific Theatre
Ben Harrison, Co-Artistic Director of site-specific specialists Grid Iron, leads a two hour workshop on the creative process of mounting theatre in unconventional environments, exploring how space forms an integral part of the work created.

Creative Marketing Strategy
Lauren McLay will provide useful tips and tricks to help make your show a success. Suitable for producers, budding arts marketeers and anyone else interested.

Jam Sandwich
7.15pm (Also Weds: 5.30pm)
A fresh and dynamic look at clowining in the form of a kids TV show, stuffed full of shapes, animals, colours and things that go zzzzapp!

24 Hour Play
Conceived, written, rehearsed and assembled in one night and one day…


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