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Jun 1 2017 | By More

Clown Cabaret Scratch Night on the up

Edinburgh-based Clown Cabaret Scratch Night, which has had six successful riotous assemblies of clown acts and innovative ideas, has been awarded Creative Scotland Open Project funding.

The twice-yearly event returns to the Assembly Roxy this Saturday, June 3 2017, with a bill of ten different acts. The grant of £21,758 will allow it to keep coming back into 2018.

A recent performance at a Crown Cabaret Scratch Night.

Created and curated by Plutôt la Vie in partnership with CloWnStePPinG and Melanie Jordan, CCSN showcases both emerging and established performers.

The organisers say: “Clown Cabaret Scratch Night offers artists an opportunity to try out an eclectic mix of new material. We work with a variety of clowns to present a platform where artists can try out new material or refine their technique, to create a space where a clown is happiest – in front of an audience!”

Besides providing financial support to produce and develop the nights, the grant will allow Plutôt la Vie to introduce Bouffon Scratchings, a Bouffon Cabaret Scratch Night, each year. In addition, a Clown Cabaret Scratch Night Special Edition has been invited to feature in the Surge and Manipulate Festivals.

CCSN has also announced that the cash grant from Creative Scotland is complemented by in-kind support from Assembly Roxy, Tron Theatre, Manipulate Festival and Surge Festival.

Best laid plans…

The night on Saturday June 3 includes work from Lewis Sherlock, Calette Duke, Fraser Anderson and Bridget Nicholson. Ruxy Cantir will be presenting Goldona, the Tomato (an excerpt from Pickled Republic).

Also bringing work will be Kirsty Nicolson, Max Scratchmann and CCSN organisers: Tim Licata and Sáras Feijóo.  Colin Scott-Moncrieff will be performing Sooks & blaws – A man with a hat and a plan (“But we all know about the best laid plans…”).

According to CSSN: “Applications are open to performances exploring any style of theatre clown. There is a focus on Scottish based performers but with a growing reputation as showcase of emerging excellence, CCSN has drawn applications from throughout Europe.”

Listings and Links

Clown Cabaret Scratch Night
Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Place EH8 9SU
Saturday 3 June 2017: 7.30pm.

Event on Facebook: ClownCabaretNight
Twitter: @ClownCabaretSN


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