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Jul 28 2020 | By More

EdFringe 2020 listings platform

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has opened registration for a new listings platform for events taking place online for the time when EdFringe 2020 would have taken place, August 7 – 31.

Anyone who had shows registered for EdFringe 2019 or the cancelled EdFringe 2020 is eligible to add their online “activity of a performing arts nature” to the platform, which will go live on Monday August 4, which would have been the start of “Week Zero”.

Edinburgh Fringe 2020 artwork, Butcher Billy. Image Credit – Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

The Society suspended all its registration and box office services for EdFringe 2020 on April 1, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Its response is to create a free listings platform where EdFringe participants can signpost any activities they have planned for August. It will not offer ticketing or online streaming services, just one link per listing to an online activity.

The Fringe Society says: “Under hugely difficult circumstances, creatives from across the Fringe landscape will be bringing versions of their work to life digitally this August.

“From live-streamed performances to nostalgic throwbacks, the spirit of the Fringe will live on in the work of thousands of Fringe artists and venues.

“To help promote this explosion of creativity, we’ll be providing a central listings service on edfringe.com of performing arts Fringe events taking place this August.

“While not intended as a replacement for what would have been the full roster of ticketing options this platform will act as a gathering point for audiences, signposting to performances and where they can be viewed.”

Criteria for inclusion on the listings:
  • Listings are only open to venues, artists, performing companies, PRs and producers of Fringe shows which were in preparation or registered for 2020 before the cancellation, and those which were registered, performed and/or produced in 2019.
  • Listings will be live from 04 August and will only cover dates of activity taking place between 07 and 31 August, inclusive.
  • Listings will be confined to activity of a performing arts nature and exclude any activities or events associated with the regular business of an organisation.
  • One link/url address is permitted per listing, but that address can list as many offers of activity possible from that artist/venue/company.
  • Any listing is at the discretion of the Fringe Society.

Details of the Platform
Available on the EdFringe website here: www.EdFringe.com

Registration for the platform:
Now open here: Submissions form


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