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Jun 8 2021 | By More

Adaptation of Lysistrata to get two hybrid perfs

Edinburgh Acting School is planning to stage two live hybrid performances, both in-person and streamed online, of Ellen McLaughlin’s adaptation of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata.

The performances on Friday 11 June 2021 at 9pm and Saturday 12 at 7pm will be among the first live theatre performances in Edinburgh this year, after the al fresco performances at the Botanics during the Children’s Festival.

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Lysistrata is set in 411 BC, when the Peloponnesian War is ravaging the cities of Sparta and Athens, taking thousands of lives. One fierce Athenian woman has had enough.

Directed by Flavia D’Avila, the production will be “a sassy comedy showing Spartan and Athenian women put their differences aside to bring peace to their land,” according to E.A.S.

“United under boss-ass Lysistrata, the women seize power and go on a sex strike to show who really run Ancient Greece!”

As might be gleaned from the production note, the language can earthy and E.A.S. warn that as there are sexual references throughout it not suitable for under 16’s.

The hybrid performances at Marchmont St Giles, Kilgraston Road, EH9 2DW, will allow a limited number of households to watch the production live and in person, while maintaining the Covid social distancing measures of two metres, necessary for all live performances.

The production will also be streamed live from Marchmont St Giles, with audiences able to buy tickets to the live stream.


Marchmont St Giles, Kilgraston Road, EH9 2DW
Friday 11/Saturday 12 June 2021.
Fri: 9pm; Sat: 7pm.
Tickets: £10 for live performance, £5 for streamed performance.
Tickets and details: Book Here.

The pews in the nave of Marchmont St Giles will allow for socially distanced seating according to current government guidelines. Pic: Edinburgh Acting School. 


Lysistrata: Ashley Barlow
Myrrhine: Amy Mackintosh
Cinesias: Miguel Molina
Calonice: Elizabeth Snowden
Magistrate: Catherine Bisset
Lampito: Kirsty Vance
Athenian Leader 1/Old Woman 1: Blanca Belenguer Aina
Athenian Leader 2/Old Woman 2: Sandrine Cazalet
Dipsas, Fisherwoman/Old Woman 3: Martha Hemsle
Ismenia/Belphragia: Kerryl Erskine
Geezer 1: Adam Barnett
Geezer 2/Spartan Envoy: Loki Lau
Geezer 3/Spartan Delegate: Michail Michailidis

Directed by Flavia D’Avila with Jen McGregor as acting coach.


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