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Jun 9 2021 | By More

Fringe Society confirms 2021 event will have hybrid format

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has announced that the first tickets for EdFringe 2021 will go on sale on Thursday 1 July and that it will be a hybrid event, with three levels of performance.

Shows must be registered and approved with the Fringe Society by Wednesday 16 June in order to go on sale from 1 July. Registration will continue until August and more shows will go on sale every week until Thursday 29 July – and as they are approved through August.

EdFringe tickets will go on sale from July 1

In an email to participants, the Fringe Society said that in keeping with its sustainability aims, and in line with public safety measures, this year’s Fringe will be fully e-ticketed.

Shows at this year’s fringe will fall into three basic formats:

  • Live in-person events that meet government safety guidelines;
  • Scheduled or as-live online performances that give a live experience of happening at a stated date and time;
  • And online on-demand shows which can be viewed any time throughout the Fringe, from any time zone around the world.

Further details of how to register a show for the Fringe are available on its website at

physical distancing

Before registering, however, there is the question of the feasibility of performing with the current two metre physical distancing measures in place.  Many productions are no doubt waiting for certainty before deciding whether to appear at the Fringe or not.

There is no indication as to when any change might be made, but First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has reiterated that more guidance on physical distancing will be available “as soon as possible”.

During the FM’s Covid-19 update in Holyrood on Tuesday 8 June, 2021, she was asked by Tory MSP Donald Cameron:

“Many cultural venues and festival organisers are understandably frustrated by the perceived inconsistency in the physical distancing rules. In hospitality venues people can be sat one metre from another without a face covering but in cultural venues people must keep two metres apart and wear a face covering.

“Will the First Minister commit to urgently reviewing this discrepancy, especially in light of the various summer festivals which are about to occur across Scotland?”

Sturgeon, noting that she was “fairly sure” she had already said it in the previous week’s Covid statement, replied: “We are currently undertaking a general review of physical distancing and we will set the conclusions of that as soon as possible.”


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