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Mar 7 2015 | By More

Photos from Act 2 of SLO’s Oliver!

It didn’t seem right to leave poor old Act 1 of the Southern Light Opera’s record breaking run of Oliver! at the King’s theatre all on its own. So here’s a few more of Diane Innes’ pics from Act 2.

Oom-Pah-Pah. Photo Diane Innes

Oom-Pah-Pah. Photo Diane Innes

Now there’s a little ditty, they are singing in the city. And there’s the adult SLO chorus down the Three Cripples, giving it Oom-Pah-Pah. Or laldy, as it is known in these parts. (Click on the picture and it will be easier to see individual cast members. That’s the power of WordPress…)

Lech Boron and Lori Flannigan in My Name. Photo: Diane Innes

Lech Boron and Lori Flannigan in My Name. Photo: Diane Innes

Did we say that the Beedle and his Widow were the baddies in Oliver!? Well that was Act 1. This is Act 2. And now we have Bill Sykes (Lech Boron). Nasty piece of work, he is. I think we’ll remember your name, Bill.

Where Is Love? Photo: Diane Innes

Where Is Love? Margo Dunn. Photo: Diane Innes

But of course all that darkness has to have a bit of light to balance it. And up in the toff’s side of town, Oliver is living a slightly nicer kind of life. Here’s Mrs Bedwin (Margo Dunn) singing to him.

Who Will Buy? Photo: Diane Innes

Who Will Buy? Photo: Diane Innes

And out on the street, everyone is singing and selling their wares.

Who Will Buy? Photo: Diane Innes

Who Will Buy? A dance sequence so good we pictured it twice. Photo: Diane Innes

Oliver’s off to take Mr Brownlow’s books back. And gosh isn’t London a jolly place to live. Except of course that he’s about to be kidnapped and taken back to Fagin’s gang where the gripping denouement will end in tragedy. But not for Oliver, of course.

Reviewing the Situation... Charlie Monroe. Photo: Diane Innes

Reviewing the Situation… Charlie Monroe. Photo: Diane Innes

Or, indeed, for Fagin (Charlie Monroe) who is reviewing his situation and off to find a slightly different area in which to use his expertise. Except that, on reflection, there’s only one thing that he is any good at.

Oliver! Finale Photo: Diane Innes

Oliver! Finale. Photo: Diane Innes

Which just leaves us with space to say thank-you to the cast and crew of Oliver! who have worked so hard to sell out the King’s for Southern Light Opera with such a stonking show. Particularly to all the youngsters in the workhouse and Fagin’s Gang, we hope to see you on a stage again soon.

Oh, and a huge Happy Birthday to Southern Light Opera itself – which was founded on March 6, 1897. That’s 118 years ago and makes the company Edinburgh’s oldest amateur musicals company.

In case you missed it, here are the pictures from Act 1: https://www.alledinburghtheatre.com/more-oliver/

And here’s Hugh’s review of the show: https://www.alledinburghtheatre.com/oliver-review/


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