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Mar 7 2015 | By More

Pictures from the record breaking run

There have been record numbers of performers on the stage and members of the audience at the King’s this week, for Southern Light Opera Company hugely successful production of Oliver!.

More? Photo: Diane Innes

More? Gavin Scott as Mr Bumble, Alex Morrison as Oliver. Photo: Diane Innes

We’ve carried an extensive review of the show, already, on Æ – Oliver review – but we hear that people would like more.

So, unlike Mr Bumble, we are happy to give you more. And thanks to press officer Scott Walker, it’s not just a plate of cold and watery gruel, either.

Food Glorious Food. Photo: Diane Innes

Food Glorious Food. Photo: Diane Innes

Among those not on stage, but not exactly in the audience, either, has been photographer Diane Innes. Diane has taken images from nearly every song in the show and has kindly allowed us to use a few on here.

Oliver! Photo: Diane Innes

Oliver! Photo: Diane Innes

Here’s an image from the title song – all about how young Oliver (Alex Morrison) won’t want some more when he knows what’s in store. And telling of creepy stairways that break all the health and safety rules. Naughty Victorians!

I Shall Scream! Photo: Diane Innes

Gavin Scott and Judith Walker: I Shall Scream! Photo: Diane Innes

Of course the real baddies are the duo in charge of the workhouse, the Beedle: Mr Bumble (Gavin Scott) and the Widow Corney (Judith Walker). And here they are, having a right old time of it.

Boy For Sale Photo Diane Innes

Boy For Sale Photo: Diane Innes

And here’s the Beedle taking young Oliver off to sell him into servitude.

That's Your Funeral. Photo: Diane Innes

That’s Your Funeral. Photo: Diane Innes

And it is the cadaverous Sowerberries (Alan Hunter and Averyl Nash) that he is sold. They needed a waif-like boy to walk in front of the coffin at the funerals of children.

Charlotte and Noah Claypole Photo Diane Innes

Charlotte and Noah Claypole. Photo: Diane Innes

At the funeral parlour Oliver was very much at the bottom of the pecking order. Behind the hound. And certainly below the Sowerberry’s other servants, the pugnacious Noah Claypole (Greg Williamson) and their house servant Charlotte (Ruth Stevenson), who is Noah’s girlfriend. No wonder Oliver runs away.

I'd do Anything. Photo: Diane Innes

I’d do Anything – Lori Flannigan and Michael Denvir. Photo: Diane Innes

And it is to London Town that he goes, where he meets up with the Artful Dodger (Michael Denvir), who introduces him to Fagin and his gang. And of course, Nancy (Lori Flannigan) for whom young Dodger would do anything.

And that’s the end of the Act 1 pictures. Act 2 photos here: Even More Oliver!

Hugh Simpson’s review: Oliver! review


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