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Jul 28 2017 | By More

Cameo goes live for #EdFringe perfs

Edinburgh’s Cameo cinema is to hold a season of film-inspired performances during the 2017 fringe hosting the only appearance of Forest Fringe this year and the UK premiere of Chris Thorpe’s Your Best Guess.

Curated by the Cameo’s assistant general manager Corin Christopher in collaboration with Forest Fringe co-director Deborah Pearson, the Cameo Live season will take place in the cinema’s screen one auditorium.

Julie Rose Bower in Foley Explosion.

Christopher told Æ: “Having worked at the Edinburgh fringe and other festivals, I wanted to bring some of the excitement of that world to a rather quiet month for cinema. Screen one is such a wonderful space and it seemed like a shame not to use it for more theatrical purposes.

“Daniel Kitson suggested to me that Deborah Pearson and I should talk, so we email chatted and set up an experimental one off performance of History History History last August to see how the show and format would work.”

Over 150 people saw the show so Pearson and Christopher decided to take the idea further this year. Cameo Live will open with the return of Pearson’s History History History (6 – 10 Aug). Written by Pearson with dramaturgy by Daniel Kitson, it uses live commentary of a 1956 Soviet-funded Hungarian film to unlock a surprisingly personal story about our relationship to history.

Forest Fringe’s only event at this year’s fringe will take place on Friday 11, with cabaret fundraiser Pass The Torch, involving “artists of all kinds in person and on film in what promises to be a truly memorable night at the Fringe”.


The season will be presented on the donate-on-departure model of the Free Fringe, which Christopher says allows less risk and expense for the performer.

mala voadora and Chris Thorpe in Your Best Guess.

“We aren’t asking anything up front from the artists,” she says. “It allows us to use the venue at a time where we wouldn’t be generating any income in a straightforward way, without having to involve a ticketing and finance system that isn’t set up for this sort of show.”

Other shows include Julie Rose Bower’s Foley Explosion (12 – 16 Aug) – a story about a year in Russia constructed and told live through Foley sounds – and Mamoru Iriguchi reprising his 4D Cinema in Cinema 3 (16 – 19 Aug).

The season concludes with Your Best Guess (21/22, 24 – 26 Aug), a collaboration from award-winning Manchester-based writer and performer Chris Thorpe and Portugal’s mala voadora. They discuss the unpredictability of the course of history – which guesses are proved right and which guesses are (and will be) proved wrong.

Christopher told Æ: “We are really excited to see how this initial Cameo Live season will be received and hope that it will usher in a new highlight in our calendar.

“In the competitive world of film exhibition, especially with all the streaming opportunities available at home, I am passionate about finding ways that old cinemas such as ours can adapt and merge with other genres to keep it relevant and fun to attend.”

Cameo Live Listings

All shows at: Cameo Cinema, 38 Home St. EH3 9LZ
All shows are “free entry, donate on departure”.
Listing on Cameo website:

History History History
Deborah Pearson (Screen 1)
Sunday 6 – Thursday 10 August 2017
Daily 11am (90 mins).
Further details:

Pass the torch
Fundraiser by Forest Fringe (Screen 1)
Friday 11 August 2017: 9pm – Late
Further details:

Foley Explosion
Julie Rose Bower (Screen 1)
Saturday 12 – Wednesday 16 August 2017.
Daily: 11am (1 hour)
Further details:

4D Cinema
Mamoru Iriguchi: Screen 3
Wednesday 16 – Saturday 19 July 2017
Daily: 11pm (1 hour)
Æ Review: 4D Cinema review.
Further details:

Your Best Guess
Chris Thorpe and mala voadora (Screen 1)
Monday 21 – Saturday 26 August 2017
Daily: 11am (1 hour)
Further details:


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