Ladykillers Casting Call

Dec 12 2016 | By More

Comedy hit for Grads late-spring show

The Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group has issued an open casting call for its late Spring production of Graham Linehan’s Ealing Comedy adaptation: The Ladykillers.

The show will be staged at the Assembly Roxy, for four nights from Wednesday May 10 2017. Auditions will take place in the Grads offices at 18 Buccleuch Place on the evening of Wednesday, January 4 and afternoon of Sunday January 8.

The production will be directed by David Grimes, who was at the helm for the Grads’ 2016 production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe.

Graham Linehan’s script is adapted from by William Rose’s 1955 classic Ealing Studios comedy staring Alec Guinness. A touring production of the play was at the King’s in 2012 and is reviewed here: The Ladykillers review.

When criminal mastermind Professor Marcus and a motley crew of misfits pose as amateur musicians to rent rooms from the sweetly eccentric Mrs. Wilberforce, the police have no idea that they’re planning a daring bank robbery. But Mrs. Wilberforce is not too easily deceived…

With his brilliant plot rumbled, the Professor decides there’s only one way to keep the old lady quiet – Mrs. Wilberforce must face the music. And he doesn’t mean a string quartet!

The Characters:

(Ages listed are the lower limits of playing ages)

Mrs. Louisa Wilberforce – A widower.  Sweet and somewhere between dottery and battle-axe.  She is dazzled by titles and prestige but often suspicious of her neighbors.  She loves her parrot and a good cup of tea.  Female, age 60+

Professor Marcus – A charming, silver-tongued criminal mastermind.  The brains, and ego, behind the caper.  Male, age 35+
Major Courtney – A con-man above all other.  Ex-military.  Or is he?  Nothing he says can ever be believed.  He prefers persuasion over violence.  And frilly dresses.  He’s very partial to a frilly dress.  Male, age 60+
Louis Harvey – An Eastern European hit man.  He is pessimistic and violent.  Hyper critical, the plan is never good enough.  Especially if there aren’t enough killings.  He fears old ladies and the dark.  Male, age 45+
One-Round – The muscle of the group.  He’s been punched one too many times in the head to be able to complete a thought.  Despite being a part of a criminal gang, he’s oddly the moral center of the group.  Male, aged 25+
Harry Robinson – A cheeky chappy, who is taking part in his first caper.  He’s addicted to uppers.  And downers.  And any other type of pill he can put in his mouth.  A highly capable addition to Professor Marcus’ crew, but easily distracted by stains.  Obsessive compulsive.  Male, aged 20+

Mrs. Jane Tromleyton – One of the more influential members of the Aged Lady Brigade.  She has an air of superiority within the Ladies’ group and an air of desperation when it comes to men.  Does anyone find music that interesting or is Jane more interested in the musicians?  Female, aged 50+
Constable MacDonald – A pillar of the constabulary, which also means she’s completely oblivious.  Well meaning but inept.  Deals patiently with Mrs.Wilberforce’s outrageous claims.  Female, any age.
Newsreader / General Gordon (voice only)  – A plummy toned BBC news reader.  This actress will also provide the voice (off stage) for Mrs. Wilberforce’s beloved, but highly diseased parrot, General Gordon.

The Ladies Society Members  – Any age and any gender.  These are non-speaking roles who appear at the end of Act 1 and the beginning of Act 2.  They will not be required for most of the rehearsal period and will be blocked in and called for the two weeks prior to the opening of the show.  These ladies can be played by either gender.

Overall breakdown:  4 women and 5 men, with ability for additional non-speaking involvement.

Auditionees need attend only one of the two auditions. There is no charge, but the successful actors will need to join the Grads at a cost of £25 for insurance purposes.

There is no need to prepare anything for the audition. Audition sides are available for perusal, as is a copy of the script. Anyone who would like a copy of the script, audition sides or to arrange an audition slot should contact the director, David Grimes, at

Listings and links

The Ladykillers Auditions
The Grads Offices, first floor, 18 Buccleuch Place, EH8 9LN
Wednesday, January 4 2017, from 7:30pm
Sunday, January 8 2017, from 2pm.
Facebook event page:
The Grads website:

The Ladykillers
Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Place, EH 9SU.
Wednesday 10  – Saturday 13 May 2017
Evenings: 7.30pm

Buy the original film and the playscript on Amazon:


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