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Dec 12 2016 | By More

EPT’s Panto in Pictures

Images by Ian McNaught and Terry Railley

Edinburgh People’s Theatre is rocking the Church Hill Theatre this week until Saturday 17 December 2016, with its four star production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

So much so that they are putting the House Full signs out for the matinee performances!

It’s the title characters! Carol Bryce, Charlie Verity, Helen Hammond and Gordon Braidwood. Photo Ian McNaught

We have been reminded to say that there are still tickets available for the evening performances, though!

Still, not everyone will be able to get up to see Edinburgh’s biggest amateur panto. So when they sent us some images of the show, we thought you would like to see them.

It’s the baddies! Oh yes it is! Cameron Kirby and Mike Brownsell. Photo Terry Railley.

No, don’t laugh, it’s the baddies. Boo and hiss, they will sill laugh in your face…

It’s the lovers! (cue sappy song) Stephanie Hammond and Carol Bryce. Photo Terry Railley

EPT have been staging pantomimes for 65 years now, and are one of the few companies to stick with the traditional Principal Boy.

Although Prince Rory doesn’t bring as much slapping of the thigh to the role as she might, according to our critic. Thigh-slapping? A move which is as anachronistic as the role, to be fair.

Is that really a maypole or are you… Helen Hammond, Charlie Verity, Gordon Braidwood, Alix Spinks and Euan McIntyre. Photo Ian McNaught

There is also a dame and a good fairy – as there should always be. And a maypole, for some reason, although one assumes that the dame has certain things to say about that…

Yes, that is definitely a maypole. Stephanie Hammond, Alix Spinks and Euan McIntyre. Photo Ian McNaught

Lets just look a little closer at that maypole, then. Looks a bit stiff to me.

There has to be a Dark Scene. Lynn Cameron, Kirsty Boyle, Peter Morrison and Euan McIntyre. Photo Terry Railley

Moving swiftly on, it is the dark scene. Ghosts and ghouls, there shall be. I hope they don’t get caught by the ghosties!

Looks like the maypole worked, then. Alix Spinks, Stephanie Hammond and Carol Bryce. Photo Terry Railley

Love will conquer all, as it always must in the panto world. If only the real world had such moral clarity.

Ensemble cast and chorus Photo Ian McNaught

Three cheers for the cast! Hugh Simpson said in his review: “Tuneful, funny and an utterly traditional pantomime, EPT’s Goldilocks and the Three Bears comes out with all guns blazing and satisfies completely”. Click here to read it.

Simple Simon (seated) with the chorus. Photo Ian McNaught

And three more cheers for the ten-strong chorus (count ’em!), seen here looking out for Simple Simon.

If you want to see bigger versions of these pictures, just click on the one you like and it should magically appear in a new window.

If you want to see the show, just click on the link below and you should magically go to the Ticketsource website to buy a ticket.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Church Hill Theatre, 33 Morningside Road, EH10 4DR
Friday 9 – Sunday 18 December.
Evenings Fri 9, Wed 14-Fri 16: 7pm;
Saturdays 10, 17 two shows: 11am & 3.30pm.
Sundays 11 & 18: 2.30pm.


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