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May 2 2014 | By More

Pop-up theatre takes a ride to Discover 21

Adam Tomkins as Cal. Photo © Asylon Theatre

Adam Tomkins as Cal. Photo © Asylon Theatre

By Thom Dibdin

Pop-up theatre has been taken to new lengths this week by Asylon Theatre, who have been staging a series of solo performances on Stage Coach buses numbers 40 and 55.

The nine pieces are all loose interpretations of the title: I’ve been looking for you my whole life. They have been performed without prior notice  on the unsuspecting passengers and have caused something of a stir.

Now the company are bringing the pieces off the buses and into the theatre, with two performances at Discover 21 on Friday 2 and Sunday 4 May.

“After a first day of performances on buses I have to say that people’s initial reaction to them is priceless,”  said Asylon Theatre’s Marta Mari, has been directing the pieces with Jen McGregor and Kasia Rozyck and asking her captive audiences what they made of the show.

“One of my favourite comments today, was when I asked an older lady after the performance if she knew right away this was a show. She said ‘No, I thought this was someone crazy. But after a few moments I thought his articulation was really good. Too good for a crazy lunatic! I then thought this must be an actor! I go to theatre a lot so that’s how I knew’.”

Contributing to the project’s Facebook page, Rucie Soutar wrote: “I was on the 40 earlier. I had no idea what was going on. I have to admit to feeling a little bit scared of Cal and his home made torch. It was very good – I only wish I had known for sure that you were an actor from the start. Then I would have enjoyed it more instead of worrying you were going to torch the bus!”

The nine writers involved in the project are Stephen Barnaby, Jack Dickson, Gary Dooley, Sylvia Dow, Steven Fraser, Laura McIntyre, David McVey, Nora Smith and Andrew Stott. The actors are Michael Daviot, Lance Fuller, Agathe Girard, Ilektra Gouni, Beth Kovarik, Angela Milton and Adam Tomkins.

I’ve been looking for you my whole life
Discover 21, 151 London Road, EH7 6AE
Friday 2 May: 8pm; Sunday 4 May: 4pm.
Tickets £5 on the door.
Details on Asylon Theatre’s Facebook page and website:


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