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Oct 30 2017 | By More

Grads announce SCDA one-act entries

The Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group has put out an open call to auditions for their two entries to the SCDA One Act competition in February 2018.

The Grads will be staging Glen Mhor’s The Ram in the Thicket and Caryl Churchill’s A Number during the competition, with audition dates set for Wednesday 8 and Sunday 12 November 2017.

The SCDA’s annual one-act competition starts out at district heats, with the winners going on to regional, national and then UK wide finals.

The SCDA Edinburgh District round will be held at the Church Hill Theatre in the week beginning February 12 2018, with likely dates Thursday 15 to Saturday 17. A Number will have an additional performance on 26 May as part of the Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival at the The Birchvale Theatre in Dalbeattie.

Auditionees only need to attend one audition session. There is no need to prepare anything for the audition. Audition sides are available for perusal, as is a copy of the script by contacting The Grads through social media.

Links & Listings

One Act Auditions
18 Buccleuch Place, 1st floor in the Graduate Association offices, EH8 9LN.
Wednesday 8 November 2017: 7pm
Sunday 12 November 2017: 2pm.
Event facebook page:

The Grads website:
Twitter: @TheGrad.

The SCDA Website One Act Festival page:

The Nick Hern Books edition of A Number is available from Amazon on Kindle or paperback. Click image for details.

Play details and cast breakdowns

A Number
Salter, a single father, is confronted by his sons, and in doing so, must finally face the devastating consequences of his actions. There is no hiding from the truth any more, but is there such a thing as a second chance? If so, how many? A number? Any number?

The play was staged at the Lyceum in April 2017. Æ’s review is here: ★★★★☆ Human intelligence.

Salter: (M 60s). A single father whose wife committed suicide, leaving him to bring up their troubled son. A pathological liar whose attempts at second chances result in disaster.

Bernard One (M, 40): The first, original son. A troubled individual with an explosive temper who grew up to hate his father for abandoning him.

Bernard Two (M, 35): Intended clone to replace B1. Mild-mannered. Emotional.

Michael Black (M, 35): Unauthorised clone of B1. A maths teacher, married with 3 kids. Bland and ordinary.

Notes: The ages listed are a guide and are flexible so long as a believable father/son age-gap is retained; Salter’s sons, B1, B2, and Michael Black, will all be played by one actor.

The Ram in the Thicket
“We have the fire and the wood” the boy said, “but where is the lamb?” Hugh McGill is gravely ill. Time is running out as his doctors desperately search for a medical answer, while his parents place their faith in God.

Sister Nicholson (F 35 – 50): Head Sister of Ward 5. Nurturing, commanding, exuberant.

Nurse (F 18+): Efficient, hard-working, dependable.

Mary McGill (F, 30 – 40): Mother of Hugh McGill (the patient). Jehovah’s Witness, retiring, devoted, conflicted.

Miss Weir (F, 25+): Children’s Officer. Ambitious, vociferous, erratic.

Mrs Falconer (F, 45+): Juvenile Court Magistrate. Wise, objective, authoritative.

Dr Fraser (M, 35+): House Surgeon. Accomplished, clinical, maverick.

Dr Macintosh (M, 45+): Medical Superintendent. Bureaucratic, concerned, sceptical.

Donnie McGill (M30 – 45): Father of Hugh McGill (the patient). Jehovah’s Witness, superstitious, authoritarian, orthodox.

Mr Buchan (M 20+): Clerk of Court. Eager, particular, professional.


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