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Aug 23 2021 | By More

Has theatre changed your life?

Playwright Laura Horton wants to hear stories from people whose lives have been effected by the theatre for a project: Theatre Stories. She is in residence collecting stories at Assembly Roxy this week, Monday 23 to Friday 27 August 2021. 

Horton started Theatre Stories in 2020 as a way of providing evidence of the importance and social impact which the Theatre Royal Plymouth has had in her home city.

She is now extending the project and wants to hear from Edinburgh residents and visitors, fringe goers and fringe participants. She is inviting people to come and share their theatre stories with her in-person in the Roxy, every weekday from noon to 3pm.

Laura Horton

“My campaign Theatre Stories is all about trying to change public perceptions about who theatre is for,” she explained to All Edinburgh Theatre. “Media narratives about the importance of the industry are often focused on celebrities and high-profile individuals and though I recognise the importance of this, I think it’s vital we also hear from people who are engaged in different ways.”

She is in Edinburgh hoping to speak to a wide variety of people to collect and then share their stories about theatre and its importance in their lives.

It is not just professionals, but she wants to hear from the general public about how the Fringe has positively impacted their lives.

“It doesn’t matter how short or long the story is, whether it’s an anecdote or a memory, I’m here for it all!” she says.

different meanings for different people

“I want to widen the focus and recognise that theatre can have different meanings for different people. For some it might be sitting in theatre bars and people watching, for others it could be particular memories of shows or experiences.

“It might be the interactions that occur on the streets during the fringe, or acting in the nativity or a school play, or being part of a community theatre group. I want to hear any positive stories and am open to people’s interpretations about what those are.”

In terms of what kinds of narrative she is looking for, she says that any stories will be welcome, however short or long. It might be anecdotes, memories, thoughts about what theatre means, how it might have positively impacted people.

“We’ll collect the stories and – with the consent of participants – share them on our social media channels, and in some cases in the press.”

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To book a slot to speak to Laura at The Snug Bar at Assembly Roxy from Monday 23 – Friday 27 August between  12 noon and 3pm please email:

For more information or to follow the project:
Twitter: @StoriesTheatre
Instagram: @theatre_stories
Facebook: @TheatreStories


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