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Jul 23 2015 | By More

Big names join Leith collective

Over 70 plays in a dozen themed nights from over 20 playwirghts have been announced by the Village Pub Theatre for its Edinburgh Fringe debut, with big guest names directing and writing.

Running from Sunday 16 to Saturday 29 August 2015 (not Wednesdays), the season will include short plays by such well known writers as Catherine Grosvenor, David Greig, Linda Mclean, Davey Anderson, Morna Pearson and Clare Duffy.

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Their work will be performed script-in-hand  alongside work from the core team of playwright/producers: Sophie Good, Louise E Knowles, James Ley and Helen Shutt.

VPT artistic director Caitlin Skinner will direct most evenings, but she will be joined by the Lyceum’s artistic director Mark Thomson for the opening night, and one-time Traverse AD Philip Howard on August 27.

“We’re super excited that our edgy and irreverent theatre programme includes three Edinburgh theatre giants as we present a David Grieg play, and are joined by directors Mark Thomson and Philip Howard,” collective member James Ley told Æ.

The short plays – five to 10 minutes is the average length – will be performed script-in-hand on a bare stage. And with professional actors performing, the company point out that they don’t scrimp on energy and theatricality.

Ley adds: “We’re confident that all the work is exciting, entertaining and important and we think that having such big names on board is testimony to the fact that everyone should head down to the Village Pub Theatre to check out some of our diverse and exciting programme of new plays this August.”

As with a typical VPT night, each evening will be themed. Highlights include Independence Day, a night exploring the legacy of Indryref a year on; Pride, a collection of some of the company’s best LGBT work’ and What’s on your mind?, pieces inspired by Social Media featuring some of the company’s popular Tweet plays.

Among the writers, Traverse Fifty alumni are well represented. Sylvia Dow, Tim Primrose and Alison Carr, who were commissioned by the Traverse last August, join the likes of Grace Cleary, Colin Bell, Giles Conisbee and Sam Siggs. As a venue where actors can debut work, the season also includes writing from performers Samuel Jameson, Jonathan Holt and Belle Jones.


Village Pub Theatre (Venue 407)
16 South Fort Street, EH6 4DN Phone bookings on day of performance: 0131 478 7810
Sunday 16 Saturday 29 August 2015 (not Weds). Daily: 8pm. Running time: 1 hour 35 minutes
Tickets: £6 from EdFringe at https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/village-pub-theatre
(Over 18 only)


Sunday 16th August  – The Village Pub Theatre Will See You Now
Programme includes:
Singing Set Me Free by Jonathan Holt
Belongings by Belle Jones
Medio Pollito and the Jesus of Leith by Louise E. Knowles
Pussywhipped by Tim Primrose
Annus Mirabilis by Sylvia Dow
Guest director – Mark Thomson

Monday 17th August – Independence Day
Programme includes –
Strange Glue by Louise E. Knowles
Runing with Sadists by Elspeth Turner
Dunnae Ken by Giles Conisbee
Results Day by Sophie Good
The Knitting by Ellie Stewart
I Hate Democracy by Davey Anderson
In Deep End Dance by Linda McLean

Tuesday 18th August – Erotica
Programme includes –
Sex Education by Colin Bell
The Meadow by Ellie Stewart
Ham by Sophie Good
Front Landing Gear by James Ley
The Beginning & The End by Louise E Knowles
The Magpie and the Cat by David Grieg

Thursday 20th August – Parents’ Evening
Programme includes –
Bunny and Amora by Colin Bell
Saint Clarabella by Sam Siggs
Alison and Paolo by James Ley
Life on Mars? by Louise E Knowles
The Reunion by Sophie Good
Black Shoes by Helen Shutt
Larkin’ About by Sylvia Dow

Friday 21st August – Pride
Programme includes –
GFN by Louise E. Knowles
Repulsive Acts of Love by James Ley
High Riser by Sophie Good
Buritto by Sam Jameson

Saturday 22th August – Grim Leither
Programme includes –
Threshold by Colin Bell
The Talking Dead by Jonathan Holt
Green Tea by Sophie Good
Black Shoes by Helen Shutt
Brendan Bakes by Catherine Grosvenor
Winter Fuel Allowance by Jen McGregor

Sunday 23rd August – Village Fete
Chicken Cooped by Jonathan Holt
Medio Pollito and the Jesus of Leith by Louise E Knowles
Ethel’s Scones by Sophie Good
Morwenna by Helen Shutt
Letham 2.0 by Lisa Keddie
Free the West Lothian 40 by Grace Cleary

Monday 24th August – What’s On Your Mind?
Programme includes –
Letham 2.0 by Lisa Keddie
Feck-Full Followers by Clare Duffy
We Can Only Appologise by James Ley
Walking on Walls by Morna Pearson
Tweet Plays 1 Various
Tweet Plays 2 Various

Tuesday 25th August – Unseasonal Greetings
Programme includes –
Oh Well by James Ley
Smoke & Satsumas by Giles Conisbee
Spaso by Gace Cleary
I Heart Christmas by Alison Carr
Leaves on the Line by Helen Shutt
Leithtivity! by Colin Bell, Morna Pearson, Catherine Grosvenor, Sophie Good, Louise E Knowles and James Ley

Thursday 27th August – Uprising
Mass Obvs by Helen Shutt
Smashing Piggy by James Ley
Micks Coin by Clare Duffy
Sabres by Jonathan Holt
SWAG by Sylvia Dow
I Hate Democracy by Davey Anderson
Guest director – Philip Howard

Friday 28th August – Wheel of Fortune
Programme includes –
Morwenna by Helen Shutt
The Hitchhiker by Grace Cleary
Brendan Bakes 2 by Catherine Grosvenor
Mr Doom by Sam Siggs
Lucky Day by Sophie Good
Overslept by Sam Jameson

Saturday 29th August – Last One Standing
Programme includes –
Listeners Beware! by Louise E Knowles
Scotneyland by Ellie Stewart
Fully Operational by Sam Jameson
Last Guest by Mandy Lee
Made Up Story by Lisa Keddie

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