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Nov 14 2017 | By More

New company issue open call for classic Albee

New company Galloping Cat Productions has put out a casting call for a new production of Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, to be staged at Assembly Roxy in February 2018.

The production will be staged as a profit share and Galloping Cat has put out an open call for auditions on Tuesday 21 November 2017, to be held at the Annexe Arts Hub, Merchant Street, running from 6 – 9pm.

The company has been set up by Ciara McGuinness, who told Æ that her aim is to: “produce well known plays, but to try and give them something a little different in the staging and presentation”.

McGuinness will be co-directing the production and playing the role of Martha. She acknowledges the difficulties of staging a show on a profit-share basis with only a limited budget for expenses.

McGuinness added: “Obviously with a play like this I can’t alter the text, so I am trying to explore making it look fresh through my presentation of space, taking it out of the expected middle class sitting room to reflect the inner world of the characters.”

Edward Albee’s 1962 play is set in a New England college where bitterly quarrelling couple George and Martha have invited young newcomers Nick and Honey back to their house for a late night drink after a faculty party.

Cast adrift on a sea of alcohol

George is a disappointed history teacher and his wife Martha is the daughter of the college’s president. Nick, an ambitious recent arrival in the biology department, is accompanied by his homely wife Honey. Cracks soon appear in everyone’s relationships as all four are cast adrift on a sea of alcohol, with truth and illusion seemingly interchangeable.

The play was famously made into a film starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in 1966.

Galloping Cat is looking to cast the roles of George (male, playing range late 30s to early 40s), Nick (male, blonde, playing range 20s to 30s) and Honey (female, playing range late 20s to early 30s). Anyone interested in auditioning should email: mcguinness88@hotmail.com.


Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? auditions
Annexe Arts Hub, Merchant Street, EH1 2QD
Tuesday 21 November 2017. 6-9pm.
Email Ciara McGuinness for further details: mcguinness88@hotmail.com.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Place, EH 9SU.
Thursday 15 – Saturday 17 February 2018.

Galloping Cat Productions on facebook: @gallopingcatproductions.

Albee’s script and the movie adaptation are available from Amazon. Click on the images for details:


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