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Aug 14 2018 | By More

★★★★☆    You’re welcome

The Royal Scots Club (Venue 241): Mon 13 –Sat 18 Aug 2018
Review by Hugh Simpson

There is a fierce theatrical intelligence at work in Arkle’s production of You Remind Me Of You at the Royal Scots Club.

In Matthew Capodicasa’s play, a nascent romance between Adele and Vincent is hampered by her need to care for her father, and a neurological condition which makes Vincent unable to recognise faces. The set-up might sound rather heavy going, and the whole idea could be issue-led and melodramatic.

You Remind Me of You Arkle EdFringe 2018 Kerri Clarence and Jamie Stewart. Pic: Arkle Theatre Company

Kerri Clarence and Jamie Stewart. Pic: Arkle Theatre Company

Neither of these things is the case. Instead, from the first moment, there is a beautifully realistic and compelling rhythm established by Hannah Bradley’s razor-sharp direction, and tremendous performances by Kerri Clarence and Jamie Stewart as Adele and Vincent.

Clarence gives ‘serial failure’ Adele, forced to abandon her law studies, endless frustration, courage and humour. Stewart’s IT worker and wannabe musician Vincent is wonderfully realised.

The central relationship is so successfully portrayed that other elements of the production are almost bound to suffer in comparison, and there are tiny flaws in the depiction of Adele’s interactions with her father Nathaniel.

The description of ‘something like dementia but not dementia’ brought on by an accident, does sound like the kind of thing that happens in soap operas. In dramatic terms, early-onset Alzheimers would surely make more sense; either way, Cameron Orr is on a hiding to nothing as Nathaniel. There are certainly heart-breaking moments in his performance, but when the moments of crisis come they do not quite ring true.

wonderfully observed comic moments

Hannah Fitzpatrick, as Adele’s best friend Franny, has some wonderfully observed comic moments in a play that is much funnier than it has any right to be. Adele and Franny’s relationship is once again a totally credible one.

You Remind Me of You Arkle EdFringe 2018 Hannah Fitzpatrick, Cameron Orr, Jamie Stewart and Kerri Clarence. Pic: Arkle Theatre Company

Hannah Fitzpatrick, Cameron Orr, Jamie Stewart and Kerri Clarence. Pic: Arkle Theatre Company

The fact that Franny and Adele have apparently known each other since the age of three, yet their accents are so markedly different, would pass unnoticed if it were not for some other oddities in the production.

The story has clearly been relocated from the USA to Edinburgh, but not all of it has made the journey successfully, with some of the terminology remaining stubbornly Transatlantic, and the odd relocation striking an odd note – why would a band have to break up because members have moved to Glasgow or Fife, which are hardly vast distances away?

The use of a screen to depict text conversations, so often tried but fraught with danger, works very well here, although the messages do tend to fly by at a speed that may be authentic but may prove rather too quick for an older, theatre-going but less tech-savvy crowd.

These are minor quibbles, as director Bradley has invested every moment with the utmost care. The high points are notable, and some of the less convincing moments in the second half could easily settle down later in the run and take it closer to five-star territory. As it is, this is a profoundly satisfying production.

Running time 1 hour 40 minutes (no interval)
The Royal Scots Club (Venue 241), 29-31 Abercromby Place, EH3 6QE
Monday 13 – Saturday 18 August 2018
Daily at 8.30 pm
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CompanyFacebook: @Arkle-Theatre-Company-90472754009

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  1. John says:

    An excellent performance. I’m really glad I saw it. Kerri Clarence is very good.

  2. George doull says:

    Well done Hannah Bradley !

  3. Katrina Lowes says:

    What a mesmerising performance – laughter, tears and the feeling that I’d been part of Adele’s struggle. Great script, pace and direction. Loved it Cameron Orr, Hannah Fitzpatrick, Jamie Stewart, Kerri Clarence, Arkle Theatre, Hannah Bradley.