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Edinburgh’s Grassroots theatre companies on the Fringe

There are more shows made by Edinburgh-based companies at this year’s Fringe than all the shows at the 1972 Edinburgh Fringe put together.

Thanks to Edinburgh’s vibrant network of grassroots theatre companies, there is a particularly strong showing of 75 theatre productions among the 125 shows made in Edinburgh.

Thomas Mugglestone, Emer Conway, Jenny Quinn, Serena Doran and Les Fulton in Aulos Productions' Antigone na h'Eireann. Publicity pic Aliza Hoover

Thomas Mugglestone, Emer Conway, Jenny Quinn, Serena Doran and Les Fulton in Aulos Productions’ Antigone na h’Eireann. Publicity pic: Aliza Hoover @ Ummatiddle.

In order to make things clearer, we have divided the listing up into four parts. On this page you can find an alphabetical listing of all the productions being staged by the city’s excellent Grassroots theatre companies.

The rest of the theatre productions are listed here:
Theatre by Edinburgh’s Professional companies
Theatre by Edinburgh’s Youth and Student companies
Theatre by Edinburgh’s Amateur companies

These distinctions are sometimes slightly arbitrary, so do look through the different sections. Also, don’t forget to look at what is on in the Musical Theatre and Children’s sections.

EdFringe 2018 Youth and Student Theatre Listings

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Saltire Sky Theatre Co
Wee Red Bar (Venue 506)
3 – 27 Aug 2018 (not 9, 16, 23): Two shows daily: 17:00, 19:30 (1 hour 15 minutes)
Follow these fearless young Scots in their quest to see their heroes lift the Scottish cup. Laughter, tears and bevy are guaranteed in this electric piece of new writing.

Antigone na h’Éireann
Aulos Productions
Paradise in The Vault (Venue 29)
3 – 26 Aug 2018 (not 12, 19): 18:00 (1 hour)
Driven by faith to resurrect the IRA, Annie battles to bring her family the honour they deserve. A new Northern Irish adaptation of the Antigone myth by multi award-winning writer James Beagon.

The Brooklyn Scotsman
Stevie Creed
Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41)
3 – 27 Aug 2018 (not 12): 18:00 (1 hour)
A teenage Scottish rapper leaves home to pursue his dreams across the Atlantic in New York City. Electric and action-packed theatre inspired by the life and works of rapper and writer Stevie Creed.

Connected Lives
The Active Inquiry Spect-Act Network
Just Festival at St John’s (Venue 127)
13-14, 17-18 Aug 2018. 19:15 (1 hour)
How is it possible to feel isolated and alone in a city of half a million people? What has caused this isolation? How and where can they make connections again? Connected Lives explores the complex reasons that people become isolated and invite the audience to respond with suggestions for possible ways forward.

Corydon Ovium
Nightmares Productions
Laughing Horse @ The Newsroom (Venue 93)
2 – 26 Aug 2018 (not 6, 13, 20): 22:00 (1 hour)
Multimedia and immersive theatre explores the anxieties of modern culture, inspired by shows such as Tales from the Unexpected, Tales from the Crypt and the Twilight Zone.

Death is the New Porn
Blazing Hyena Theatre Company
theSpace @ Venue45 (Venue 45)
14 – 18 Aug 2018: 22:40 (1 hour)
Three Edinburgh vigilantes crave the thrill of murder to avenge victims of brutal crimes. Cracks begin to show dividing them and audiences alike. But can two wrongs make a right?

EH16: Pyre
Nevermore Theatre
theSpaceTriplex (Venue 38)
3 – 11 Aug 2018: 20:40 (45 minutes)
The lives of three woman who suffered at the hands of Edinburgh’s darkest moments are detailed in this intense post-modern, horror look at feminism and local history.

Forbidden Stories
Ludens Ensemble
French Institute (Venue 168)
3 – 25 Aug 2018 (not 6, 12-15, 19-21): 21:00 (1 hour 15 minutes)
A multimedia performance that explores the theme of borders in the separated island of Cyprus, based on interviews conducted with members of the Greek and Turkish communities.

TypeCast Productions
Paradise in Augustines (Venue 152)
3 – 25 Aug 2018 (not 5, 12, 19) : 10:00, 14:50 (1 hour)
The script of As You Like It gives comfort and parallels with life to orphan Rosalind, living with the local Reverend and his daughter, Celia. Part modern, part original Shakespeare, this adaptation leans into LGBT themes hinted at in the original text but rarely explored in performance.

Haggis, Neeps and Burns
Edinburgh Little Theatre
Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41)
3 – 26 Aug 2018: 12:20 (1 hour 10 minutes)
The life story of Robert Burns told through his songs and spoken word with a free lunch of haggis.

Broadsword Theatre
Greenside @ Nicolson Square (Venue 209)
20 – 25 Aug 2018: 19:35 (1 hour)
Welcome to the Hotel, a magnificent establishment offering luxury beyond fantasy. Have you checked in? Enjoy your stay, but beware; some things may just be too good to be true…

Lucille and Cecilia
Bang Average Theatre
C venues – C aquila (Venue 21)
2 – 27 Aug 2018 (not 14) 17:25 (50 mins)
A pair of performing sea lions attempt to escape the confines of the circus. One is desperate to get out, the other blinded by the ecstasy of her surroundings. Physical comedy.

Moonlight On Leith
ClartyBurd / PBH’s Free Fringe
Bar Bados Complex (Venue 32)
4 – 25 Aug 2018 (not 7, 14, 21): 20:00 (2 hours)
A love letter to Edinburgh’s wayward daughters inspired by Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood. Come slip on the shoes of Leith’s nocturnal residents and take a stroll to the shore after dark…

Captivate Theatre
Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre (Venue 76)
2 – 14 Aug 2018: 17:15 (2 hours)
Play with songs by Andrew Dallmeyer which distils the essence of Burns’ life and his paradoxical personality through his poetry, music and Dallmeyer’s own witty and poignant words.

Sex, Drugs and a Cup of Tea
Pandorum Theatre Company in association with Twelve Twelve Theatre
Sweet Novotel (Venue 188)
2 – 26 Aug 2018 (not 5, 22): 20:40 (1 hour)
Sex, drugs, and tea make the world go round for four young flatmates. A Shrek-related drinking game, no clean dishes, and some misplaced bodily fluids result in a fast-paced modern farce with a dark core.

Shakespeare Catalysts
Aulos Productions / Free Festival
Laughing Horse @ Espionage (Venue 185)
20 – 26 Aug 2018: 20:00 (1 hour)
Aulos explore change through a timely reimagining of Shakespeare’s better and lesser-known works in the wake of our current social and political upheavals.

Straight Outa Saughton
Moving Parts Theatre
The Three Broomsticks (PBH Free Fringe)
22 – 25 Aug 2018 21:30 (45 minutes)
Nae jobs, nae luck and nae second chances. Written off and forgotten after prison, join Peter and Dave as they get ready for their debut performance as the drag duo The Queens of the Schemes.

Black Bat Productions
Revolution Bar PBH Free Fringe (Venue 224)
8 – 17 Aug 2018 15:50 (1 hour)
In a tiny town during the Summer of Love, three FBI agents investigate uncanny local reports of strange, possibly extraterrestrial activity. Have the townsfolk just been out in the heat too long? Or is there something truly surreal going on?

Those Worrisome Sleeps
RFT – Reality Funds Theatre
Sweet Grassmarket (Venue 18)
20 – 26 Aug 2018: 18:35 (1 hour)
‘Wizards, as you know, may not love. But imagine if one ever did.’ When grief strikes, some withdraw, others rage, and some destroy the entire world. RFT return to the Fringe with a new play exploring a supernatural character locked in deep grief with all its pain, madness and occasional joy.

Twelfth Night
Some Kind of Theatre
Paradise in The Vault (Venue 29)
13 – Aug 2018 (not 19): 21:15 (1 hour)
Love, hysteria and deception reign in this Victorian reimagining of Shakespeare’s classic. Cesario is in love with Orsino, who’s in love with Olivia, who’s in love with Cesario, who’s really Viola in disguise…

Where It Hurts
Grassmarket Projects
Summerhall (Venue 26)
1 – 26 Aug 2018 (not 2, 6, 13, 20): 20:30 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Grassmarket Projects return to Summerhall with an authentic exploration of care within the NHS. The cast, which includes patients, NHS students and NHS staff, perform moments from their own personal experiences of what it’s like to live and work inside one of the world’s great institutions.

The WWI Wardrobe Project
Immersive Response
Greenside @ Nicolson Square (Venue 209)
3 – 25 Aug 2018 (not 5, 12, 19): 10:30, 11:40, 12:50 (50 minutes)
Want to experience doing your bit? Meet and hear from characters involved in the WWI war effort such as a field nurse, a coastguard, a canary girl and the mother of a soldier. Some monologues may contain upsetting material.

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