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Mar 27 2013 | By More

Villagers take their parents down the pub

Village Pub Theatre, March Edition 2013. Village Pub, South Fort Street. Edinburgh TheareBy Thom Dibdin

Parents rule at the March edition of Village Pub Theatre, taking place this Friday, 29 March at the Village Pub, South Fort Street, Leith.

Whether it is being one, having one or dealing with other people’s they provide the theme for the evening’s half dozen short plays, which will be directed by Caitlin Skinner. The actors bringing the new plays to life will be Suzanne Dance, Liz Strange, Belle Jones, Mark McDonnell, Ben Winger and Tom Freeman.

Catherine Grosvenor, playwright and VPF regular, told the Annals: “We are also pleased to be including Sylvia Dow in our ranks this time round, meaning we now represent 8% of the Trav 50.”

Which is still just the four playwrights, but the intention is good. As ever, Village Pub Theatre offers a clutch of brand new plays, comfy seats, good beers and great company. Although there has been no promise of home baking this month, an array of apples and gold star biscuits will be on offer for sustenance.

And if anyone brings their parents, they can get in free.

Details of March’s Village Pub Theatre:

The Berwick Bunny
By Catherine Grosvenor
Catherine’s dad once told her a story about his pet rabbit, but she’s not sure if it’s true or not. She’s written this piece with the help of her aunts and grandparents to try and find out.

By Sophie Good
Martin and Jenny send their little ones to the right school in the right area and make sure they do all the right things. Then they discover at Parents’ Evening that both their children have been through the Career Outcome Model Algorithm (COMA) which accurately and unequivocally forecasts their future. The results are disappointing to say the least…

By James Ley
James Ley is one of the Trav 50 and a founder member of VPT. In this piece, he explores psychological bullying in extracts from a play in which a teenager makes an uncomfortable appearance at the home of his friend’s mum.

Larkin About
By Sylvia Dow
Sylvia Dow had her first play produced and toured in 2012, and is currently one of the Traverse 50. In Larkin About we overhear a conversation about parenting which gets just a bit too unsettling and personal for one of the participants.

These are my Parents
By Louise Knowles
Louise E. Knowles is Co-Producer of the Edinburgh and Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project. These Are My Parents is a play about how others see us and about how we choose to portray ourselves in our varying roles within society.

Before Break
By Colin Bell
Set in a school, Mr Bell’s piece examines a confrontation between a pupil and a teacher.

Village Pub Theatre Listing:
Friday 29 March, Village Pub, 16 South Fort Street. Doors at 7.30, performance starts at 8, £3. Free Entry to any parents who come with their children.

Village Pub Theatre on Facebook:




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