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More reviews of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from P5

Following Stockbridge Primary’s visit to see Antony Neilson’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at the Lyceum (see P5 in Wonderland), the eight- and nine year-olds of P5 wrote reviews.


Alice in Wonderland. By Aria

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

By Aria
It was a bit scary when they were going to take Alice’s head off. Also I was a bit confused when they said slaughter because I don’t know what it means.

My favourite character was Alice because she was great at acting. Also she was my favourite character because she was one of the main characters.

Alice falling down the rabbit hole. By Zac

★★★★★ Wonderfully amazing

By Zac
The play was about a girl named Alice who fell down a rabbit hole following a White Rabbit. The whole story is full of twists and turns and it is confusing because you don’t know if it is a dream.

My favourite part was the part where the Mad Hatter had a tea party because the Dormouse and the Mad Hatter had funny accents.

The only thing I would change is the starting time because it is boring if you arrive early then the fun begins.

I would recommend it to everyone who likes comedy and craziness.

The Cheshire Cat. By Tabitha


By Tabitha
The play was a stunning thrilling adventure about a magical place of wonder. It started in a lovely garden with a nice season, then Boom! a magical crazy place of wonder.

The stunning characters were the weird and crazy Mad Hatter, silly Dormouse, Queen of Hearts, amazing Alice, surprising Cheshire Cat and hopping Hare, the scary subjects and all of the other animals.

All of the sets were amazing. The scene starts on a sunny summer day on an outdoor school lesson. Next comes the outstanding Wonderland start. Thirdly it was a scary Queen’s garden for a game of cheat croquet.

My favourite bit of the spell-binding show was the end of the show when they did a curtsy. Suddenly the Gryphon shouted “hey”, went out and there were disco lights.

I would not change a single bit of the show. It was over the moon and one of the best shows I have ever seen. It was tremendous.

I would recommend it for people who love weird, wacky adventures.

The Caterpillar. By Evie

★★★★★ Exciting, adventurous and magical

By Evie
The play was about a girl called Alice and she fell through a rabbit hole that led to another world. There was a Dormouse, a Mad Hatter, a Queen, a Cat and a Caterpillar.

The characters were brilliant! Their costumes were fantastic! They all knew their lines. They were also good at acting.

The set was incredible. They had all the little details like teacups and grass they also made Alice fly. It was a brilliant set!

My favourite bit was the debating bit because the Mad Hatter was explaining how he fell out with time because he was drooping all over the place.

I wouldn’t change anything. I thought it was amazing.

The Gryphon encaged. By Peter

★★★★★ Fabulous, funny and mind-blowing

By Peter
This play was about a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole and finds herself in Wonderland where she meets lots of funny characters. She also goes to lots of places in Wonderland.

There were also lots of different characters in this production including Alice, the Griffon, the Caterpillar, the Queen of Hearts and lots, lots more.

I loved the different items in the set especially the balloons before the play started and the tea party set because they were both funny.

My favourite part was when the Gryphon was locked in a circular cage (pictured) because it is quite unexpected.

There is only one thing I would change which is… Stick to the Alice in Wonderland story because it is a bit off piste therefore a bit hard to follow.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes comedy and adventure.

The Queen of Hearts. By Emily

★★★★☆ Realistic, creative comedy, told really well

By Emily
The play is about a girl called Alice and she fell down a rabbit hole but before you can say “strange” she was in Wonderland. I think my favourite character is the Queen of Hearts because she always wins at everything. My favourite part of the set was at the start when the hot air balloons and kits were moving because it was like it was real.

My favourite bit was when the Queen of Hearts was coming in on the velvet throne because it was very exciting and it looked quite grand. I would only change one thing. I would like to make the debate longer because it was exciting and it could do with more excitement.

The bit that made me laugh the most was when the people put the gunpowder in the wrong way so it blew up in their faces. Also it was funny when the Mad Hatter was explaining how he fell out with time.

I would recommend it for people who like adventure and comedy.


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