P5 in Wonderland part 4

Dec 22 2016 | By More

Another batch of P5’s reviews of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Here are the next six of Stockbridge Primary P5’s reviews, which they wrote after their visit to see Antony Neilson’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at the Lyceum (see P5 in Wonderland).

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. By Isaac

★★★☆☆ Mysterious magical adventures and comedy

By Isaac
This theatre review is about a girl called Alice and she goes on a mysterious journey into Wonderland. She makes enemies and friends along the way.

My opinion of the characters is that they were astonishing, exciting and funny. My favourite character was the Dormouse. He was extremely funny and weird.

My favourite set was the one with the freaky Cheshire Cat and Alice in the number part of Wonderland.

My favourite bit was when the Caterpillar kept on saying something leaving a gap then saying “not”. I thought it was extremely funny.

I recommend this play a rating of three stars because you would understand it more if they didn’t act it out as weird.

My overall impressions of the show are it would have been a bit better if there were less songs because it kind of took over the original story and the understanding of the story.

Alice stuck in the White Rabbit’s house. By Martha

★★★★★ A show stopping production

By Martha
The play was about a girl named Alice who was having lessons outdoors and when the teacher wasn’t looking she goes down a rabbit hole. After a long time in the hole falling she goes on massive adventures and sees the Gryphon and the Turtle, the Duchess, the Queen of Hearts and much more.

My opinion of the characters is simple. They are all presented in a way that makes you think WOW! Each character has their own unique personality, like the fish which is very funny and forgetful.

Overall I think the set was fantastic because all the props had been laid out fabulously. My favourite prop was the house because Alice actually went into it. It wasn’t the background.

My favourite part was when Alice was stuck inside the Rabbit’s house and he tried to shoot her. It was exciting because it was full of drama. My least favourite bit is the part when they are seeing if the Gryphon stole the recipe or not. I think it could go on a little bit longer and have more description.

I would change the beginning a bit so Alice would be reading the book and have a uniform and the teacher would have a whip in case Alice misbehaved.

I recommend this play to people who like comedy and adventure. I think it’s funny because each character does something that’s quite strange. It is adventurous because Alice goes on lots of adventures and meets lots of people.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. By Pedro

★★★★★  A fantastic play

By Pedro
I really enjoyed the play. It was a good mix of danger and madness.

My favourite character is the Mad Hatter because he is mad. I liked it when he had to turn the screws on his hat to make himself happy.

The Cheshire Cat. By Jackson

★★★★☆  Cheerful and mysterious

By Jackson
I thought the story was very cheerful and song-filled but some moments were very bad, but still absolutely bonkers.

I think my favourite character was the Cheshire Cat because he was very mysterious and you never knew what he would do next.

My favourite part of the set was probably when they were painting the roses red because it was very funny how they used the ladder wrong.

If I could have done anything different I would have the Mad Hatter have his proper hat and not run about as much. He should be mad because his name is Mad Hatter.

Although I didn’t like it, I loved it and it was filled with wonder and great for kids.

Alice and the Caterpillar. By Jude

★★★★☆  Delightfully funny and mysterious comedy

By Jude
The play is about Alice falling down a hole and meeting lots of wild and wacky creatures in the mysterious world of Wonderland. The set is very lifelike and colourful.

I think it was really enjoyable and the actors were amazing. Astonishing special effects were added too. It was hilarious at some points.

My favourite part was when the Caterpillar kept interrupting Alice by shouting NOT! It was hilarious. I would change the Mad Hatter’s hat.

I would recommend it to anyone.

The Queen of Hearts in Court. By Tom

★★★★★ Confusing magical wonderful and bizarre

By Tom
This play was about Alice walking through Wonderland and discovering different crazy places. My favourite scene was with the Mad Hatter, the Dormouse and the Hare because I like the Mad Hatter discussing how he fell out with time.

I was quite impressed with the things that were floating or came down from the ceiling. I was also impressed by how they made objects move without people pushing them. It was surprising when people flew or fell.

My favourite character was the Queen of Hearts because she was very impulsive. She just shouted “Off with her head” without thinking. The Duchess challenged the Queen in lots of different ways and her reactions were always hilarious.

Up in the air there were two balloons that moved up, down and even diagonally! There was also a kite that moved up and down. It was really funny when someone tried to catch it!

If I was the writer I would have stuck to the story a bit more. I liked when the Dormouse told her story.


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