P5 in Wonderland part 5

Dec 22 2016 | By More

The final set of reviews of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from P5

These are the last seven reviews written by the eight- and nine year-olds of Stockbridge Primary’s P5 class after the school visit to see Antony Neilson’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at the Lyceum (see: P5 in Wonderland).

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. By Bella

★★★★☆  Very peculiar

By Bella
The play was about a girl called Alice who followed a white rabbit and had an adventure.

It was funny and it had a lot of enthusiasm. It made me feel like I was in the play. I think they had put a lot of time and effort into it.

★★★★½  Magically produced show of mysterious people and animals

By Nicholas
Alice in Wonderland comes in many forms – book, audiobook, film, show. This particular show was very confusing but the good bits were brilliant!

Half of the appeal to a show comes from its characters within it, whether it’s Darth Vader, Wizard of Oz, Dumbeldore or Gandalf. Although some of the characters weren’t exactly Shakespeare they were still pretty good. Some of them were the Queen of Hearts, a Gryphon, a Mock Turtle, Alice, a Duchess and servants and King of Hearts.

Some of the best moments were moments of laughter or surprise such as when the caterpillar said I will… NOT. Over all, it was a fantastic experience but not worth a second viewing. This play had no basic plot because every second, characters disappeared, appeared and reappeared so you always wanted more. It also made it unpredictable.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. By Cibelle

★★★★☆ Super simple comedy and absolutely funny acting

By Cibelle
At first Alice and her teacher were on an island then the teacher goes away and then Alice found a rabbit. She ran after him into a deep hole and she had a nap.

My opinion of the characters is they were excellent because they had different voices of people. My favourite part is the Mad Hatter’s tea party, because it was mad and had lots of tricks and treats.

I would change a bit of the cat, it could maybe walk a bit. I would recommend it for adventures and funny things. The ages I would recommend are 4 to 10 maybe.

The play was about a girl named Alice and she found a hole in a magical world and tried to get back home.

Alice meets the Dormouse. By Manu

★★★☆☆ Fantastic fictional mind blowing comedy

By Manu
The play was about a girl who jumped down a rabbit hole and was travelling through loads of places and then she found a Dormouse. The Dormouse helped her to get out to the open so she drank a bottle which said “Drink me” and she drank the bottle and she went small so she could get out.

Then she met the rabbit and he told Alice to get some white gloves and then she went to Mr Rabbit’s house and get some but she got stuck. Suddenly the rabbit came and…

My favourite character was the dormouse because he was funny falling asleep every now and again and not admitting that he went to sleep. Also the accent he had was French. It was a funny accent. Also he said he made doors.

I think that it was very good and the acting was very good. They tried to make it real. It was very funny and very very good. The singing and the props were very good.

My favourite part of the set is the Duchess’s house. It was good with the kitchen and when they sang the song I was optimistic.

My favourite bit was the Queen’s palace. They had a debate on if the Gryphon should die.

Alice meets the Mock Turtle and Gryphon. By Reuben

★★★★☆ Wonderfully confusing comedy

By Reuben
The story is about a girl called Alice following a rabbit down a hole and finding all sorts of magical creatures.

I thought all the characters were really good. They just need to explain the storyline a bit more! It would let me understand more!

The set was marvellously great!!! I really don’t have anything else to say but there really isn’t anything you can do better (with the set).

My favourite bit was on the mushroom and the caterpillar said “I will… not”.

I will-not, would-not, could-not, change anything even if I got the chance.

The Caterpillar. By Millie

★★★★☆  An interesting, peculiar, enthusiastic, creative and crazy production

By Millie
The play is about a girl called Alice who goes on a magical journey to Wonderland and meets a lot of characters along the way.

I thought it was exciting, magical and peculiar. I would go again.

I thought that when Alice got bigger they should have made her arms longer too, not just the dress.

My favourite part was the part with the Caterpillar because he was funny and suitable for the play. He was funny because he kept pausing and saying “not” all the time and he was suitable for the play because he fitted in really well.

I would have explained more because some parts were hard to understand. For example, when they froze, where was the Cheshire Cat and whose side was Alice on in court?

I recommend it to the whole family.

The Queen of Hearts plays Croquet. By India

★★★★★ An inspiring time at the theatre

By India
Alice was doing her homework outside because she wanted to. Her teacher was reading a poem – she did not want to do her work. It was “too hot” she said. Then she saw a bunny with no eye and a scar on his leg. She said to her teacher “There is a bunny!” and the teacher said we have got no time to look at bunnies.

My favourite part was when the Queen had a hoop and she got a flamingo to whack the hedgehog to put the hedgehog through the hoop and when she cheats too. If it would not go through, the hoop would go jump over the hedgehog.

My favourite character was the Queen because if she did not get her own way or if something went wrong she would say “Off with your head!” I liked the set because there was a mushroom and people in the play were on the mushroom. I would have thought they would fall off the mushroom. I would make differences to it because it is not the same as the book.


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