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Dec 22 2016 | By More

Stockbridge P5 review Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Stockbridge Primary’s P5 class went to see Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at the Lyceum Theatre and used the trip to practise their reviewing skills.

Two years ago, the same class (then P3) wrote reviews about the BFG (Stockbridge Primary P3 review the BFG). We are very pleased that the class’s current teacher, Miss McMillen, has used this year’s visit as part of her teaching, and we are very proud to publish the results.

Alice in Wonderland. By Noah

★★★☆☆ Clever with twists and turns along the way

By Noah
Alice was falling, nothing to feel then crash, like a hook at the bottom of the sea, a thrilling world awaits her.

The Mad Hatter was almost certainly my favourite character (why almost? the Cheshire Cat was practically equal). He was funny, eccentric and strange. I personally didn’t think he was in it enough so that made me sad. I think all the characters were great though.

The set was fantastic, especially the Caterpillar scene with all the smoke and it was funny. My least favourite scene was the garden scene because it was cruel and it was sad.

My favourite bit was the Caterpillar scene because the Caterpillar kept saying “not” at the end of a sentence. I found it was very irritating and I started to feel sorry for Alice (I don’t know why). My least favourite part was when they played croquet because it showed how cruel the Queen of Hearts is.

I would change the part where Alice was growing up and down because it wasn’t very realistic. I would also change the end part because it was filled with delight.

I would recommend it to people who like fantasy and adventure.

Alice and the Caterpillar. By Calla

★★★★★ Strange and crazy but wonderful and exciting

By Calla
My favourite character was the White Rabbit because he’s always appearing on the stage and he’s also in the original version. Also probably Alice because she’s very adventurous.

In the show the sets keep changing which was very clever. It had amazing, realistic special effects and costumes.

My favourite bit was the one with the Caterpillar because he was very funny and the set there was amazing and so were the costumes.

My least favourite bit was the scene at the beginning because there could have been more details but apart from that it was brilliant.

Alice and the Cheshire Cat. By Jaime

★★★★★ A wonderful, thrilling, weird, adventure comedy

By Jaime
The story started off with Alice hearing a poem while a rabbit comes. The rabbit goes past her and jumps down a long, long hole. Alice follows him…

I think the overall show was five stars. Although it felt like there were 100 scenes, it was actually a very impressive show. I liked the way the smoke came into the play when it was a dark and misty scene. I also liked the way Alice changed size.

My favourite character was the Cheshire Cat because he was weird and mysterious and you never knew when he was going to come in. He was also funny because he had a monstery voice.

The setting that stood out to me was the tea party. I liked it because it was funny when the Mad Hatter said “your writing desk looks like a raven”. Also the Mad Hatter was crazy.

My favourite part was when Alice grew to a giant and got stuck in the White Rabbit’s house. Suddenly the White Rabbit came along with the giant child removers and tried to shoot her.

Although it was good, it wasn’t the real story. The only thing I would change is to base it on the real story!

Alice falling down the rabbit hole. By Cora

★★★★★ A world of wonder, fun, wildness, danger… and madness!

By Cora
I think this show is a topsy-turvy extravaganza and couldn’t have been any better. My favourite bit was when Alice was falling down, down, down into the rabbit hole because you were wondering what would happen next. The whole show was filled with twists and turns and utmost curiosity.

My favourite character was Alice because she made the show as mad as it could be and she played Alice amazingly. I also liked the Mock Turtle because she was brilliant at singing and she made me laugh.

My favourite part of the set was in the Queen’s garden because the pack of cards were very funny. I would only have changed the very end when they came into the audience and sang a very crazy song.

When the show was over I felt annoyed because I wanted to know what happened next.

Alice stuck in the White Rabbit’s house. By Grace

★★★★☆ A mind blowing unforgettable experience

By Grace
I thought the show was mind-blowing. It was so clever how Alice got bigger and smaller. Also how Alice got stuck in the White Rabbit’s house is 100% suitable for younger children.

The costumes of the characters were marvellous. They were so real especially the White Rabbit’s. The Mad Hatter is well mad I guessed from the very start. The characters were so expressive.

My favourite part of the set was when they had to shoot a cannon at Alice because she was stuck in the White Rabbit’s house. Luckily Alice escaped because of the magical mushroom that the Caterpillar gave her.

The only bit I did not like was when the annoying Caterpillar came in because he kept on saying Not at the very end of things He gave Alice a mushroom which could make her bigger and smaller.

I would change the bit with Alice and the poet. Maybe they should stick to the movie a bit more because sometimes I could not understand it. It has lots of twists and turns in it.

I would recommend it to 0 to 100 year olds because it is very suitable for anyone.


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